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  1. Scott@KarmaContent

    Anyone ever worked as a honeytrap?

    Just doing a bit of research, has anyone ever worked as a honeytrap, catching cheating husbands/boyfriends/wives/girlfriends either face-to-face or online? How did you find it? Is it something you'd do again?
  2. Scott@KarmaContent

    CrowdButler - At Home Jobs Available

    Just had an email from these, sister company of AQA. Jobs available apparently:
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    Anyone heard of before? I was on Twitter the other day and I clicked a link that took me to a Wikipedia page. However, there was also an advert by the Twitter account on the Wikipedia page which I first found a bit odd. Here's the link I clicked: I'd never seen anything...
  4. Scott@KarmaContent

    Holiday help!

    Where's the best place to look for a cheap caravan holiday? We're looking for a week away in August but don't want it to cost the earth. The site doesn't have to have loads of facilities, just be somewhere nice for my little girl and her cousin to play and have a few days out. Where's the best...
  5. Scott@KarmaContent

    How many tabs do you have open at any one time?

    I can handle about 8 or 9, as soon as I realise I've got more open than that it really stresses me out and I have to close loads down because it annoys me. I was speaking to someone I know about this and they regularly have 40-50 open at any one time. Social media, forums etc. I'd go into...
  6. Scott@KarmaContent

    REVEALED: The simple trick to avoid the new £20 minimum spend for FREE delivery

    Not tried it myself but worth a go to avoid delivery fees.
  7. Scott@KarmaContent

    Two Month Family and Friends Railcard for Free

    Apply for a two month family and friends railcard free. Get 1/3 off for adults and 60% off for kids on most rail fares...
  8. Scott@KarmaContent


    Anyone used Buzz Sumo? Looks really interesting and shows you who has shared your blogs/content. All you need to do is put your domain name in and voila!
  9. Scott@KarmaContent

    Food banks

    I've got my controversial head on today. We keep hearing about how many food banks have had to be created to help people in need to feed themselves. However, whilst I know there are some genuine cases, do you think there are a lot of people who don't really need them. That is, if you smoke...
  10. Scott@KarmaContent

    The General Election

    Soooooooo....... who are you voting for? I'm still undecided. I've always been a Labour supporter but I just don't know if I can vote for them at this election. Milliband is such as goon and their politics are so reactionary and a little bit desperate. The Conservatives seem to be the same as...
  11. Scott@KarmaContent

    Who are the most popular 'mummy'/female lifesyle bloggers in the UK?

    Who are the most popular 'mummy'/female lifesyle bloggers in the UK? Just interested, seems a lot bigger than I ever thought.
  12. Scott@KarmaContent

    How to fix 7 common blogging mistakes

    Focussed on business blogs but there's lots of good general advice for any bloggers out there.
  13. Scott@KarmaContent

    The Drunk Version of What Users Do

    Ha! Love this. He's even had a customer! Very clever way of publicising his regular business as a developer. Your website should be so simple, a drunk person could use it. You can't test that. I'll do it for you. WHAT: I'll get very drunk, and then review your...
  14. Scott@KarmaContent

    Are some people addicted to MLM?

    The more and more I read on here, the more I'm convinced there are MLM 'junkies' who seem to be addicted to MLM and other similar types of scheme. Even people who have tried several and not made much money still seem to sign on for more, even though the outcome is most likely going to be the...
  15. Scott@KarmaContent


    Saw a leaflet today asking for people to help deliver the Yellow Pages. The link was I posted it here as there are some home based opportunities on there, thought it may be of interest to some people. I've no idea who the company are or what they are like, it was...
  16. Scott@KarmaContent

    Great news for Amazon affiliates: £7 commission cap to be removed.

    Great news for Amazon affiliates: £7 commission cap to be removed.
  17. Scott@KarmaContent

    How to get your blog featured on Feedly

    Don't know if any of you use Feedly to keep on top of all the blogs that you subscribe to, but it's a fantastic app (can be used on desktop too). I came across this today as well, . Thought it might be...
  18. Scott@KarmaContent

    What a website!

    Now this isn't a blog as such, but it's interesting in that it shows sometimes with a website you can break all the 'rules' and still be very successful. owned by Ling Valentine, a very successful affiliate marketer and master of getting her and her business in the...
  19. Scott@KarmaContent

    The power of a good idea...

    Saw this on another forum., launched on January 12th, quickly went viral (Time, Yahoo, NY Daily News etc) and now for sale with bids at £70k last time I checked. The power of a good idea...
  20. Scott@KarmaContent

    Earn some money writing content

    Hi, I run a small company called Karma Content, we provide content in a variety of forms to companies, websites etc. Most of the time, it's just me and a couple of freelancers that I use time-to-time, but sometimes we do get (and are anticipating more and more) larger orders which may require...