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  1. Deborah Walker

    Is dead?

    Yeah that’s right @Jon i think it’s only got worse since it was relaunched really badly.
  2. Deborah Walker

    Is dead?

    I managed to get a footlocker voucher and Bella Italia voucher but I felt like I had worked for my points and was just spending them on anything for the sake of it because the marketplace was so rubbish. I definitely think that the upgrade was the final nail in the coffin for them. Still have...
  3. Deborah Walker

    Is dead?

    I’ve noticed of late that the app no longer seems to have any surveys on it. I did a little bit of investigating and came across someone saying their planning on releasing a new better version of the app. I think it’s in bad taste to just stop surveys and not tell current user. Also...
  4. Deborah Walker

    TopCashBack - Sweet Treats Cashback GiveAway

    Did I miss one with Expedia? Today’s answer is:- Clarks I’ve won 20p already, so Ive doubled my winning since last time, lol!
  5. Deborah Walker

    Do (or Did!) you feel pressured to buy a home?

    I think for my generation it's a really pressured thing, I see friends now in beautiful houses and wonder how on gods earth have they been able to afford that. At present I'm stuck in a run down council flat and I'm campaigning to get them torn down and new builds put up. I'll get there...
  6. Deborah Walker

    The negative side of being Frugal

    I love tea and it's the one thing I'll moan about if it's not the right one. Assam is my favourite and it works out at around £1 for 50 teabags which isn't cheap in the long run because I drink so much. The other thing is my daughter, I will go without to make sure she has what she needs and...
  7. Deborah Walker app

    I'm so nosey I want to know all the ins and outs of all the errors that have occurred LOL. The videos always mentioned that they had realised people were using multiple accounts so maybe that was a really big problems for them.
  8. Deborah Walker

    Those difficult days

    The power of fresh air and thought is just amazing. Such a supportive bunch we have here <3
  9. Deborah Walker app

    Can anyone remember what you got for your points, I only started doing the questions as the marketplace disappeared but I'm sure there were Amazon vouchers on there just cants remember what you got for how many points.
  10. Deborah Walker

    Smartphone Apps [OT] Streetbees tasks, (almost) UK WIDE :-)

    That's great news @Ani that you managed to complete it. I'll have s look again today to see if it's working for me yet.
  11. Deborah Walker

    Those difficult days

    I've been flat since I finished college in June. My wee girl started school in August and I've had no routine since then. Been for numerous interviews and applied for hundreds of jobs to be knocked back. The best excuse was we thought you might get bored. Anyway I've taken to getting out and...
  12. Deborah Walker

    Smartphone Apps [OT] Streetbees tasks, (almost) UK WIDE :-)

    Did anyone get stuck on the app testing task? I can't open the link keeps say unauthorised. I photographed it and it was still rejected with no explanation as to how I get through it. :(
  13. Deborah Walker

    Possible apps that have good reviews.....

    @Benben81 ate those just android apps? And is it for bitcoin? I'd love to know more about the whole bitcoin situation as I've heard it can be fruitful.
  14. Deborah Walker

    Smartphone Apps [OT] Streetbees tasks, (almost) UK WIDE :-)

    With Streetbees if you check my stories it will give you all your info in there, your ususually paid before it says paid in the app and it usually takes about 2 working days. I was paid £5 for a sleep survey that had 2 videos to do. It was fun but I waited until my girl was in bed.
  15. Deborah Walker

    Streetspotr - How do you feel about it?

    Yeah I was the same waited a month.
  16. Deborah Walker

    TopCashBack - Sweet Treats Cashback GiveAway

    Thank you. I came out of my app and did it through safari. Low and behold the wee hummingbird flew past :)
  17. Deborah Walker

    TopCashBack - Sweet Treats Cashback GiveAway

    I don't seem to be getting anything when I go through to the retailer. Am I doing something wrong?
  18. Deborah Walker

    Saving on hotel bookings

    I booked a cheap room through travelodge early bird offers and used quidco to get cash back st 10% so £32 for the room with £3.20 cash back so only cost £28.80 for a family room. It's a wedding right between Christmas and new year so have to be as thrifty as possible. :)
  19. Deborah Walker

    Re-think eating habits

    When I became a student in 2014 our financial situation changed dramatically. I had gone from a decent part-time wage to a really shocking bursary. I had been given what I thought was some great financial advice regarding tax credits and what I was entitled to. It turned out it was all a load of...