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  1. alditoharrods

    January 2016 money making challenge - EVERYONE welcome

    Hello everyone, and welcome to January's money making challenge! I can't believe that 2016 is upon us and I'm excited to get started! This challenge is for anyone and everyone who wants to make some extra cash in November. It helps to keep up accountable to each other, helps us to find new...
  2. alditoharrods

    Money bloggers, free tomorrow?

    National to show, live tomorrow night. They are keen to find someone to come along and join two other bloggers. Travel is paid, London. You need to be available from 4pm. If you're interested please pm me your email address and I'll send you the contact.
  3. alditoharrods

    £20 FREE to spend at Sweaty Betty (no min, free delivery) & earn more

    Sorry for the long title! Sweaty Betty (think sportswear, etc) have a refer a friend offer where you can spend £20 FREE. There is currently no minimum spend or delivery charge, but no doubt they will add it in soon. What's more, for every friend you refer you get another £20 to spend on their...
  4. alditoharrods

    November 2015 money making challenge - everyone welcome

    Hello everyone, and welcome to November’s money making challenge! I am really excited this month as I finally leave my job (not until the 20th though) to earn an income completely online! Plus I can now properly say the “C” word. This challenge is for anyone and everyone who wants to make some...
  5. alditoharrods


    AHHHHHHHHHH Adrenaline is pumping too much to take sense. National news, ITV @ 6.30 about Talk Talk
  6. alditoharrods

    20% off eBay, today only until 10pm

    You must pay via Paypal. Details here:
  7. alditoharrods

    Would anyone like to review my book?

    50 iPhone Apps To Earn Cash launched on Amazon last week and I may or may not have been a number 13 best seller for a few minutes. the "business from home" category or similar, but I'll take what I can get. I'm trying to get some reviews going on Amazon and blogs, so if anyone is...
  8. alditoharrods

    General chat October 2015

    Whoa, we don't seem to have a thread for October 2015 yet. Hi.
  9. alditoharrods

    Looking to get some work done (various)

    Hello! Before I head to Fiverr (because that's my budget at the moment, Fiverr prices!) I was wondering if any of you would like to quote me for doing the following work. If you do, PLEASE send me an email with the subject beginning with TMS so that I can find them easily when I need you. My...
  10. alditoharrods

    Show Me The Money bloggers event review

    Sorry that I couldn't think of a more exciting name! Andy from Be Clever With Your Cash ( was planning on holding a money blogger conference, but life got in the way so it turned into...well by the end, pretty much a money blogger conference! The Money...
  11. alditoharrods

    Overcharged - your help needed

    I am like a dog with a bone with this. Basically a few weeks ago (it must be a month now actually) I went to B&M Bargains. They overcharged me when I got a six pack of flavoured water by charging me for 6 x 6 packs (£11.94) instead of 6 individual bottles (£4.14). Now before any of you tell me...
  12. alditoharrods

    When companies ask you to remove the disclosure

    This has happened more times than I care to remember. Company gets in touch, asks for a post. We agree a figure, sometimes they send the content, sometimes I write it. I send them a link once it is live and invoice. I've just been asked to either remove disclosure stating something was a...
  13. alditoharrods

    September 2015 money making challenge - come join in!

    Hello everyone, and welcome to September’s money making challenge! This challenge is for anyone and everyone who wants to make some extra cash in September. It helps to keep up accountable to each other, helps us to find new things we hadn’t heard of or gives us the kick up the behind that we...
  14. alditoharrods

    Ocado refer a friend: £20 for you & £20 for me

    Pretty much as the title says. I got really fed up with Aldi (you can read my rant at and decided to give Ocado a try. Someone sent me a "refer a friend" offer, which automatically gave me £20 off my first shop (£80 spend). We don't usually...
  15. alditoharrods

    Online financial adviser?

    I promised myself that once the wedding was over we would look into speaking to a financial adviser to ensure we're working towards the correct savings goals, how much we can borrow for a mortgage, etc. I was wondering if anyone used an online financial adviser they could recommend? Someone...
  16. alditoharrods

    [OT] The Selfie Lottery

    I know this is an old post but just in case anyone stumbles here. The Selfie Lottery is no longer running as of 15th May 2017 - if this changes I will update! Chammy So another new one, I'm not clued up on all of the ins and outs just yet, as the first draw isn't until 31 July. To enter the...
  17. alditoharrods

    ASA ruling against an advert claiming "HOW TO EARN £5,000+ DAILY"

    The ASA (advertising standards agency) always provides a great source for reading their rulings on a weekly basis. This one really caught my eye: Basically, some guy...
  18. alditoharrods

    July's money making challenge

    Roll up, roll up! Thank you so much to katykicker for running June's challenge (which is still live;topicseen). Katy and I are going to take it in turns to run the challenge - if anyone else is interested then of course, do let us know! So...
  19. alditoharrods

    Referral suggestion

    I woke up this morning to find yet another ton of referrals (that have already been posted before) as their own new topics. I was wondering whether there should be a rule that referral codes and links go in the very first post about something? Then readers can take their pick of who they want...
  20. alditoharrods

    Minimum payment thresholds - your help needed

    I'm trying to put together a spreadsheet of affiliate programs/advertising programs and their minimum payment threshold and their payment methods. This is only for things you can use on websites such as blogs, etc. Once it is complete, hopefully it can become a pinned post and be useful for...