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  1. Deborah Walker

    Is dead?

    I’ve noticed of late that the app no longer seems to have any surveys on it. I did a little bit of investigating and came across someone saying their planning on releasing a new better version of the app. I think it’s in bad taste to just stop surveys and not tell current user. Also...
  2. Deborah Walker

    Streetspotr - How do you feel about it?

    I did my 1st 2 'streetspots' today in the same place. It was one of the tariff board ones in Burger King and another one but I felt really awkward doing it and received a sarcastic comment from a member of staff. Wasn't really sure how I was supposed to take it. As with the rules I didn't take...
  3. Deborah Walker

    Surveys on the bottom of receipts

    Out of curiosity does anyone enter the survey competitions you find at the bottom of receipts? They seem to be everywhere now. I watched a moneysaving programme the other week and they said it had a low hit rate so got me thinking would that give me more chance of winning then? Those that do...