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  1. Mountainways

    Rev transcription

    Are people aware of this company? A friend of mine was just talking about them on Facebook. They offer work in transcription, audio and video, and captioning. Weekly payment by PayPal. They have sent me a link for a grammar& transcription test. We'll see how I get on I tend to be a bit slow.
  2. Mountainways


    Hi I just wondered if anyone has had any difficulty with withdrawing from Dafabet? I did their sign up offer, requested withdrawal yesterday and got a message "request successful. Payment is with our processing team". Now in my account history it shows as a completed withdrawal and my...
  3. Mountainways

    Just starting

    Hi, I'm new to the boards and trying to get to grips with this moneymaking lark. A mature student juggling study and bits of part time work. bits of Making a start with surveys and apps and having a go at matched betting. I've found the toolkit and the survey bible really helpful. I've signed...