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    Competition Challenge - 100 competitions in 6 days.

    I was going to post this in the money earning diaries section of this website but I suppose I’m not really “earning money” so I decided to post this here. Being struck down with a sinus infection and severe boredom has led me to setting myself the challenge of entering 100 competitions in the...
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    Odd reselling trends?

    Just wondered if anyone had any stories of people getting into bidding wars or odd trends you’ve noticed. I list a lot of vintage, desirable toys and clothes. A lot of them are buy now, but some of them are biddable. But what I’ve noticed is that whenever I sell card games, the bidding wars...
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    Realistic targets?

    I’m just about to start matched betting and I was wondering what a “realistic” target for the first month would be. Or what you made in your first month. Or anything really. Just curious to see what everyone has to say.
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    Money making schedule.

    I would just be interested to know what everyone’s money making schedule is, if you have one, or if you’re more “go with the flow”. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t really have a schedule as such, although I do quite religiously check Enlightly in the early morning and after tea time as that...
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    Clearing out diary.

    I already sell vintage clothes on Depop (so I won’t include these) but I’m just making this diary to document what I sell from having a clear out of old childhood items / bits we don’t need anymore, just as somewhere to have a record of what I’ve sold and for what. So far this month I’ve sold...
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    Top sale of the week thread.

    Thought it would be interesting for us to have a thread where we can share our top sale of the week every week / as and when it happens. I’ll start off in the next post.