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    Gambling Football Index Offers

    Football Index ( is a site that allows you to invest in players, a bit like the stock market. Could be fun if you are into Football but even if not they are offering an easy free withdrawable £10 if you deposit £10 and buy player(s) worth at least £10 (you can...
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    Shopmium Referral [OT] Shopmium - Get cash back on food + FREE products in store - LEAVE YOUR REFERRAL CODE HERE

    This is a good app, feel free to use my code for a free tin of Pringles:
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    Bitcoin / Crypto Earn up to 250 CHSB (~£50) on Swissborg Community

    This is a separate app from the Swissborg Wealth app that gives you points and badges for predicting whether Bitcoin will go up or down in the next 24 hours. As you get predictions right you’ll earn or lose points with different risk levels ranging from 200 to 10,000 points. You’ll get 3000...
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    Other Referrals Get FREE £10 on Skrill Money Transfer when sending a transfer to yourself

    I’m also happy to share my link to Srill via PM.
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    Banking £25 Amazon UK voucher for converting 250£ (w/out fees) using Santander's PagoFX

    I would be happy to share my link via PM as they don’t like people sharing or using them on public forums. Well respond ASAP with the link.
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    Shares / Stocks Trading 212 - Free stock worth up to £100 - Deposit minimum £1 (<24 hours cashout)

    I would be grateful if anyone uses my link for this fun offer:
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    Bitcoin / Crypto Bitpanda Offers

    This is a very easy offer to do with a good reward. I would appreciate it if someone is kind enough to use my link:
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    Bitcoin / Crypto Swissborg Referral Offers

    This is a really good offer, especially with the rewards of up to €100. I would appreciate it if anyone uses my referral link:
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    Bitcoin / Crypto FREE $30 on Cake Defi when you deposit $50 of crypto

    This is a great offer and is very easy to do. Would appreciate it if someone uses my link:
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    Bitcoin / Crypto FREE $30 for signing up on Morpher

    This is a good offer, although the bonus is only 100 MPH now, and 50 MPH for each referral. It is very easy to do and still has potential for future growth if you just want to keep and hold. I would appreciate any uses of my referral link:
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    Bitcoin / Crypto Mode - The Bitcoin banking app £10 bonus(UK/EU)

    This is a great time to use this offer from Mode with Bitcoin being down over 25% in the past couple of days. You simply need to open your account and deposit £100 of Bitcoin to get the £10 in 24 hours. I would appreciate it if anyone uses my link:
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    Bitcoin / Crypto Zumo Limited Offers

    With the crypto markets being down, this is a really good time to get into Zumo and claim the offer before it expires on the 13th. If anyone would like to use my referral code, f1alan I would appreciate it.
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    Other Referrals Coinbase

    This is a great offer but also a really good place to store your portfolio of crypto tokens. I now use it as my primary app. I would appreciate it if anyone would like to use my referral link. You will receive an easy £7.35 in Bitcoin which could be worth much more of things keep going in an...
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    Bitcoin / Crypto Zumo Limited Offers

    My referral code is f1alan I would appreciate it if anyone would like to use it when registering. The process is very easy and you will receive your reward quickly.
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    Bitcoin / Crypto Zumo Limited Offers

    My referral code is f1alan I would appreciate any uses.
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    Banking PagoFX (from Santander) - Free £50 Amazon Voucher

    PagoFX is an international money transfer service from Santander which are currently offering a £50 Amazon voucher when you join and transfer at least £250, after being referred. You can send the money to yourself but the account can't have a UK IBAN number. I used Bitwala which offer a German...