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  1. caledonia1972

    Work at home opportunity - Photobox Came across this one which is one of the very few genuine EMPLOYED work at home jobs, not a self-employed one. Customer service role, have to be fully flexible. Doesn't suit me, but...
  2. caledonia1972

    Any linguists? Language Line work at home vacancies

    This is the translation service used by the government - Police, NHS etc. Wide range of languages required : Not the usual French, Spanish or German but if you're fluent in Arabic, Cantonese...
  3. caledonia1972

    Any fluent French or Arabic speakers? work at home vacancies These are employed positions, not self-employed so you get all the benefits of working in an office. The blurb looks really positive, but during peak months you're expected to...
  4. caledonia1972

    Any similar website to "what users do"?

    As the title says really, have signed up with What Users Do and waiting to be approved, wondering if there are other websites which offer similar?
  5. caledonia1972

    Valued Opinions?

    Has something happened to Valued Opinions? I used to get loads of emails about surveys from them - usually about one a day - and since the beginning of the summer I have heard nothing. They did email asking me to download a widget onto my laptop to inform me of new surveys which I did, but it...
  6. caledonia1972

    The Avon Rep who earns £170k a year for 20 hours a week... Comments??
  7. caledonia1972

    Grown Up COlouring In

    My kids bought me a copy of The Secret Garden by Johanna Basford (who is a great example of a successful work at home mum, btw) for Mothers Day and I am addicted. I had forgotten just how relaxing colouring in can be. Her work is just gorgeous, lots of intricate designs and things to colour...
  8. caledonia1972

    Article on MLM Interesting read.
  9. caledonia1972

    Here we go already with 2015's answer to Younique and Juice Plus

    Copied from a thread on a well known pareting site: Instantly Ageless~~~Jeunesse Discussion I thought this would be a great way to discuss this amazing new product! Instantly Ageless gets rid of bags/wrinkles within 2 minutes and is exploding in US. I use it everyday and people just love...
  10. caledonia1972

    Changes to Way Class 2 National Insurance is Paid

    Most of us who are self-employed will be paying Class 2 NI contributions and I've just had a letter telling me that the way this is paid is going to change. Up until now I have always paid my NI by monthly direct debit. This option is stopping as of April 2015. After April 2015 you will have to...
  11. caledonia1972

    Yet another scam?

    EXPOSED: Preston Mum Makes £6,000/Month From Home And You Won't Believe How She Does It! Came across this while reading a page which wasn't even in English! (episode summaries for a Spanish drama series, don't ask!!)...
  12. caledonia1972

    Free Graze Box

    Just saw an advert on TV offering a FREE Graze Box (those little boxes with snacks and nibbles). Enter code TASTY at checkout. No catch - it is free including free delivery - but you are signing up to a regular delivery unless you go on and cancel after you've received your box. Normal price is...
  13. caledonia1972

    Bingo chat host opportunity? Now it doesn't specifically say it's home based, but most of these sorts of jobs are and it talks about availability 24/7. You need basic office skills, a chatty personality and an interest in and understanding of bingo.
  14. caledonia1972

    Home based vacancies - Parkinsons UK

    Just came across this website The UK Parkinsons charity which recruits people working at home. There doesn't seem to be any roles advertised at the moment but worth bookmarking and keep checking if you're looking for a home office...
  15. caledonia1972

    Does anyone do competitions?

    I know there are some real hardcore compers out there and I have read stories about people making a lot of money or winning a lot of "stuff" from internet competitions. I used to do a LOT of competitions about 10 to 12 years ago - when most of us were still on dial-up, Mark Zuckerberg was still...
  16. caledonia1972

    Free Education sites - Coursera, EdX, Futurelearn

    Not a money earning opportunity but certainly a money saving one. Coursera, EdX (US based) and FutureLearn (UK based) all offer free, distance learning based courses on every topic you can imagine, pitched at University level. Haven't much experience with EdX and Future learn but Coursera is...
  17. caledonia1972

    Remote Working with Tesco

    Just stumbled across this Tesco looking to take on customer service staff working from home BUT you have to live within one hour of either Cardiff or Dundee (because that's where their customer service centres are).
  18. caledonia1972

    Opportunity answering questions for Blurtit

    Apply Here Never heard of this company, sounds along the same likes as lots of the other question sites but might be worth checking it out.
  19. caledonia1972

    Quick Q about being employed and self-employed

    Ever since I started working for myself it's been on a freelance, self-employed basis and I pay my own Class 2 NI. I have recently been offered an opportunity through a friend of a friend's husband who runs one of the smaller mystery shopping companies auditing the reports their shoppers produce...
  20. caledonia1972

    Poll Clerk for Elections

    OK so it's not really online earning, but does definitely fall into the ad-hoc/freelance category! With the general election set for next June it's really worth thinking about applying for a day's work as a poll clerk. Look on your Council's website for the department dealing with Polling, or...