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  1. Kimilsung

    Other Earning Opportunity Spot-BTC Wallet

    Sign up to Spot-BTC bitcoin wallet and get £3.60 when you spend £150. You can buy £150 worth of bitcoin, get an extra £3.60 and sell it again when the price is higher. Sign up here: My code is attached in the image. Don't use it if you don't want to.
  2. Kimilsung

    Bitcoin / Crypto $50 in BTC to sign up to celcius network

    Celcius network have this offer where you sign up and they'll give you $30 + $20 if you were referred by someone. The money is locked for $30 said and you need to deposit $200 and keep it in for 30 days in other to get it though. You can withdraw all the money after a month though. Step one...
  3. Kimilsung

    Cheap products

    So, I know you all have heard of wish before. It's the app where you can buy mostly useless garbage from chiina but now they've been branching out to local suppliers and selling name brands. I've got a MacBook on the way for £250 and I can easily flip it and upgrade it sell it for £500. You can...
  4. Kimilsung

    Bitcoin / Crypto Atomic wallet (Free airdrop)

    Basically i came accross them when i was on publishox on my payments page. They have some sort of partnership. So i signed up and it said when i sign up, i recieve 10 ANC and because i used a link. I get an extra 5 as well as the referer. i don’t know how much Anc is worth right now but they...
  5. Kimilsung

    Anyone wanna buy my domain?

    the domain is i’d let it go for anything really. Just don’t have the time or money any more to set up a firework shop and 90% of our sales were through snapchat anyway.
  6. Kimilsung

    Other Earning Opportunity Probit Exchange

    Sign up to probit cryptocurrency exchange, and stake prob tokens. (I guess it’s like giving out loans.) i staked 2.10 worth of USDT of prob tokens for 3 days and when i released it, it was worth 2.35 worth of USDT. (Usdt is a coin that aims to be worth as close to the doller as possible.) heres...
  7. Kimilsung

    Smartphone Apps StormPlay

    Storm play is an app where you complete surveys and get paid in storm, which is a crypto currency built on the ethereum network. You need 200K bolts to cashout, and you earn about 30-40K bolts per survey, you can also download apps and xomplete tasks to earn storm. It’sa good way to get a bit of...
  8. Kimilsung

    Question / Discussion Friends and family think it’s annoying when i ask em to sign up for stuff?

    I don’t understand this. I’m literally giving em the opportunity to make free money.
  9. Kimilsung

    Other Referrals Snatch AR - win prizes

    Snatch is a game where you find packages with your phone and you Ben also steal em from other people.
  10. Kimilsung

    The man with the lazer eyes - a poem by me

    There once was a man, he looked like a man, He took some fruit and ate some ham, There once was a man with sorrowful eyes, a dusty jacket and a red-collar tie, He worked all day and he worked all night, There once was a man with lazer eyes... thank you, thank you very much. Thought i’d share...
  11. Kimilsung

    Other Referrals Vinted are giving away £15 in vouchers?

    I just seen this today. i think it would be useless for them giving out vouchers when most people are doing collection in person. If you don’t know, vinted is similar to schpock and gumtree.
  12. Kimilsung

    Other Referrals LBRY.TV - A Decentrilized alternative to YouTube

    Hi. So I’ve been using lbry for a while, since september or something. I noticed there’s quite a few art and music related stuff and some retro game reviews. What seperates it from YouTube is that; You can upload videos as Anonymous, but still recieve tips from them in your account. it doesn’t...
  13. Kimilsung


    Big token is a survey app that “pays you for your data.” They give you some pretty short surveys a bit like vipr. They also have “teams,” where there’sa daily question and if everyone in the team aswers it, you all get a little bonus. There’salso connecting your social media so they can send you...
  14. Kimilsung

    Surveys Zap! Surveys app

    Its basically another survey app where they pay you a small amount even if you don’t qualifty and give you like $0.3 a day just for opening the app. The surveys are shorth though, and they dtart you off with $7, minimum payout is... idk but I’ve got £17 to go and im at $7 right now. I think they...
  15. Kimilsung

    Question / Discussion Selling a domain

    I'm selling my domain '' on sedo. got it on offers, but tbh, i'd sell it for like £5 or whatever to whoever's interested.
  16. Kimilsung

    What are my rights? Loan scam

    So I've just got a letter though the door about my repayments and when's the date of my first payment of a loan i took out - only, i didn't take a loan out. I recieve spam loan texts on my phone all the time so maybe i missed it but they didn't call me either. Upon checking my online banking i...
  17. Kimilsung

    book a recording studio for only £5 an hour?

    This is an article i wrote about how to book a studio that comes with all the equipment already set up for only £5 per hour.
  18. Kimilsung

    Grab yourself some cheap fireworks for bonfire night

    So, after a few weeks of selling fireworks off locally, i got some up on my firework website here: cheap prices, cheaper then rrp by a big margain but can't ship too big a psckage in the mail.
  19. Kimilsung

    Free $40 Worth of BTC Doing Micro tasks

    I found this site on another forum and i joined up. Yeah, it's measly per task but they literally take a few seconds to complete. Just search Google and paste the search link ect.
  20. Kimilsung

    FREE Cusyom Drum Kit

    Ok, so this probably won't interest most of you older generation but I've just dropped my drumkit on my blog for free. It comes with 11 samples and 8 drums all made by me.