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  1. caledonia1972

    Work at home opportunity - Photobox Came across this one which is one of the very few genuine EMPLOYED work at home jobs, not a self-employed one. Customer service role, have to be fully flexible. Doesn't suit me, but...
  2. caledonia1972

    Any linguists? Language Line work at home vacancies

    This is the translation service used by the government - Police, NHS etc. Wide range of languages required : Not the usual French, Spanish or German but if you're fluent in Arabic, Cantonese...
  3. caledonia1972

    Mystery Shopping [OT] edigitalresearch - YES YOU ACCEPT MORE THAN 6!

    That's a shame. I had quite a lot through them December - February.
  4. caledonia1972

    Mystery Shopping [OT] edigitalresearch - YES YOU ACCEPT MORE THAN 6!

    Just started doing these again after a long time not bothering. Best thing - logged into my account to find 3 jobs completed and banked from 2011 which I didn't invoice, so I'm £11 up before I even start!!
  5. caledonia1972

    Any fluent French or Arabic speakers? work at home vacancies These are employed positions, not self-employed so you get all the benefits of working in an office. The blurb looks really positive, but during peak months you're expected to...
  6. caledonia1972

    Smartphone Apps [OT] Field Agent UK - Earn money using your iPhone

    Have also discovered the old iPhone 4 doesn't have an up to date enough version of IOS to install Task 360. Will just have to hold off until the new year when I can upgrade and get an IPhone 5.
  7. caledonia1972

    Smartphone Apps [OT] Field Agent UK - Earn money using your iPhone

    That sounds complicated!! Will do some investigating. Many thanks :-)
  8. caledonia1972

    Smartphone Apps [OT] Field Agent UK - Earn money using your iPhone

    Techie question - I am on android, but have the use of an old iPhone 4 until my contract runs out in a couple of months. I'll probably be upgrading to an iPhone but interested in getting started with Field Agent in the meantime - but the phone doesn't have a SIM in it and I don't really want to...
  9. caledonia1972


    I get most of my work through People per Hour too. Not keen on Five Squid.
  10. caledonia1972

    WhatUsersDo late payments

    I signed up with them and did the test about three weeks ago and have heard nothing - not even a thanks but no thanks. Wonder if they are having internal issues?
  11. caledonia1972


    My personal favourites are Panelbase and Valued OPinions - I get notifications from each of them almost every day. Panelbase pays cash through Paypal and Valued Opinions in vouchers which I save for Christmas.
  12. caledonia1972

    Any similar website to "what users do"?

    I'm a bit behind the curve with this user testing thing :P
  13. caledonia1972

    Any similar website to "what users do"?

    As the title says really, have signed up with What Users Do and waiting to be approved, wondering if there are other websites which offer similar?
  14. caledonia1972

    Replica/Fake Designer Bags

    They probably are illegal in Egypt, it's just that the Police don't particularly care. You need to be careful though bringing fakes back - you are not allowed to import them into the UK and Customs can and do stop people and confiscate them. Happened to my niece who came back from Tenerife...
  15. caledonia1972

    Replica/Fake Designer Bags

    Yes it is. Counterfeiting is illegal, and selling the counterfeits are illegal too. Even if you sell as a "fake Gucci" or "counterfeit Chanel" you can be prosecuted for trademark infringement. Also, it is said that a lot of people involved higher up the food chain with production of fake goods...
  16. caledonia1972

    Valued Opinions?

    How weird. I will go back into the account and double check I haven't unticked a box or something!
  17. caledonia1972

    Valued Opinions?

    Has something happened to Valued Opinions? I used to get loads of emails about surveys from them - usually about one a day - and since the beginning of the summer I have heard nothing. They did email asking me to download a widget onto my laptop to inform me of new surveys which I did, but it...
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    Don't actively do it either, but if there's a receipt in the trolley or left in the self-service thingy I'll take it and check. First time I ever did it I got £5 from Asda as the person who had left the receipt had bought lots of meat which was obviously on special offer elsewhere but haven't...
  19. caledonia1972

    Holiday help!

    If you're planning on the second half of august look in Scotland - our schools are back by then and the prices and availability might be better
  20. caledonia1972

    Free Education sites - Coursera, EdX, Futurelearn

    Agree - I did an Archaeology one with my 11 year old and it was great fun - and completely different from anything i'd done before.