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  1. fraserbooks

    Mystery Shopping Free meals from Ipsos

    I had this email today. Our colleagues over at iShopFor Ipsos have an incredible project beginning in the new year and would like for you to participate. The project will be for a well-known restaurant/pub brand and will require you and a guest of your choice to one of their restaurants/pubs...
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    Online / Offline Focus Groups GKA research

    If you have any medical problems this site might be of interest. The latest request I have is for Firstly, I would like to thank you for your continued support of Gillian Kenny Associates! We are looking to speak to people who work in an Admin/Supportive role for cancer patients either...
  3. fraserbooks

    Focus group buying from abroad

    I have been sent this invite from people for research. £85.00 if anyone fits the criteria. I am contacting you from People for Research. We are currently working with a client who wants to speak to people who have brought back things from abroad in order to sell them. So if you know someone who...
  4. fraserbooks

    Question / Discussion Get your guide referral program

    I have been invited to participate in the beta test for the get your guide blogger referral program. Here is my link if any one wants to join
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    Other Earning Opportunity Nutrition and behaviour unit

    The university of Bristol runs regular studies on food and diet. I have participated in some at their centre in Clifton and have always been well looked after. Now however the studies have gone online so I think can be done from any where. If you are interested sign up for their news letter...
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    Online / Offline Focus Groups GKA research

    Here is an opportunity for any one who is diabetic to earn some extra money Can you, or someone you know, help with our latest market research project? What’s it about? Diabetes What will I need to do? Complete a 30 minute pre-task and participate in a 90 minute web-assisted telephone...
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    Online / Offline Focus Groups London business school

    Study Participation Invitation: 05/2020 Decision Making & Negotiating Study Inbox x London Business School Research Lab Participation System <> 4:03 PM (1 hour ago) to me London Business School Research Lab 05/2020 Decision Making...
  8. fraserbooks

    Other Referrals Maximiles

    I use this site for surveys but there are lots of other ways to earn including cash back, clicking through E. mails or playing games. Payment is in points which can exchange for vouchers or gifts such as wine, Lego kits or DVD's...
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    Help or Advice Blue host warning

    I have been following a thread on another forum about people's difficulties with bluehost support. One member suggested looking at their trust pilot reviews so I did and they are terrible.
  10. fraserbooks

    RedWigwam has a lot of work at the momment

    Redwigwam has a huge project at the moment testing card machine terminals for a major credit card company. They want you to visit local stores and use a credit card which they supply. You have to introduce yourself to the manager and ask if they need stickers or pens and that's about it. These...
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    End 17/08 win an adult paint by numbers kit
  12. fraserbooks

    Blog not secure

    I have been getting a message today that my site is not secure I installed free ssl as suggested by Jon when I started. Any ideas how I can fix this. It sems to be working now. That's a relief.
  13. fraserbooks

    Get Blogged

    I have had this site passed on to me which lists paid opportunities for bloggers. I have not used it myself but I have been told it is legitimate. You seem to need a domain authority of at least 10 to get work. Here is my referral link if you want to sign...
  14. fraserbooks

    Do you still need your title deeds for your house?

    We had a letter from our solicitor today to say that they will no longer store our title deeds? I always thought that these had to be stored away from home but do we still need them now everything is digital.
  15. fraserbooks

    Aged 16 to 24 and want to earn £15.00

    I have just had an e.mail from people for research. They are looking for young people to test a new app. If selected they will pay £15.00 for three minutes work a day for ten days. You will also be entered into a prize draw. If you are interested I can forward the e.mail. The payment is an...
  16. fraserbooks

    Easy bank checks

    I have just had an e.mail from GFK that they are looking for more people to mystery shop banks. You must have an account with their client or one of its competitors. A lot of the jobs are mystery telephone calls. You need to make an audio recording on your phone about your experience and submit...
  17. fraserbooks

    HTML code.

    I have seen a couple of blogs which offer to pay contributors, however they ask for articles to be submitted in HTML code. Is there an easy way to do this?
  18. fraserbooks

    Any Welsh train spotters out there?

    A mystery shopping company I have done some work for in the past is looking for people to evaluate Welsh train stations. Some jobs include a free train ride. If any one is interested drop me a message and I will give you more details.
  19. fraserbooks

    Testable minds I have just received an e.mail about this organisation. It sounds as though it is going to be an American equivalent of Prolific Academic. It is not due to go live for a couple of months so I don't know how reliable it will be but if anyone is...
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    The platinum line

    A bit about me. I retired last year at 65 and quickly became bored. There is only so much daytime T.V. you can watch. So I decided I would see if I could earn some money at home for some treats for my husband and I so this diary will be an attempt to see if there is anything better out...