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    Survey Site - Prize Draws

    Quick question for those of you that partake in surveys sites that offer Prize Draws - I'm thinking GlobalTestMarket and its ilk. Have any of you ever won through these draws? I'm guessing not and actually question whether they are real or completely fictitious. NOTE - I'm not doing the...
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    Take part in a Digital TV Survey in London - earn £50 for 1 hours work

    I'm sharing this opportunity from a Research Company I do some work for. Details: The project consists of a 1 hour user experience session where you will be asked to test a new tool for digital television! Sessions are taking place in London (EC4A) on 6th, 7th or 8th of February at times...
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    Anyone into Designer/Luxury Fashion and wants to earn £200 to attend a 2 hour fashion forum?

    Hi, I've been asked via a research company I work with to find people to attend the following: The project will consist of a 2 hour focus group in a prestigious fashion retail store in central London between Tuesday 23rd-Friday 26th January. Morning and afternoon sessions available...
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    Morning, Is anyone having trouble logging in there this morning (or have I been gubbed?) Have sent an email to their support so I guess we'll see.
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    Has this gone quiet for anyone else? I've managed to complete one survey for them in the last 30 days whilst being screened out of 2 others. It is a good payer so just wondering if there is a slowdown because of the time of year?