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  1. Julesfh2012

    Coronavirus Discussion Should I put my ebay shop on holiday?

    Hi all With last night's announcement, I'm thinking I should put my ebay shop on holiday? I sell prints, but I generally post from the PO as I always worry they will get crushed in the postbox. I don't want to be out on what might be a non-essential journey (although it is an income). What do...
  2. Julesfh2012

    Matched Betting - Is it still worth it?

    So I posted yesterday on the general MB thread to say that I am finally making a return to MB. I did a Gala Bingo Slots and Games offer that I received via e-mail. For a £10 stake I got £40 in bonus and the wager was x 20. I came away with £725 :) I am going to use £500 as my bank. However, I...
  3. Julesfh2012

    Monetizing your blog - The question that gets asked thousands of times!!!

    Yep it's the age old question. I have been blogging since February and ideally I would like to make some money from my blog, although I absolutely love writing so content is really important to me too (meaning that I am not just thinking about the money here). I have read loads and loads of...
  4. Julesfh2012

    Hello Again

    Hi everyone I thought I would start all over again in here. I joined the Money Shed last year and it was the best thing I have done in a long time (I know people probably won't have a clue who I am as I wasn't the most prolific poster :D :D). I've been awol for a few months as life has just got...
  5. Julesfh2012

    How do you unlock an Iphone 5?

    Am looking to buy the eldest daughter a second hand iphone 5 for Christmas. Obviously most are locked to a network. How do you unlock? Do I need to take it somewhere and how much would it cost. Where do you think the best place (ie best value) is to look for one? Thanks :)