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    If anyone is planning a new kitchen and is attracted by the glossy Wren Kitchens brochures and showrooms, please DO NOTHING until you have joined and read the posts within the Facebook Group "Wren Kitchens Disasters". This will potentially save you a lot of money and heartache! Spread the...
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    Any Wombles at TMS?

    Stumbled across this Youtube video about Wombling and wondered if anyone else does it? Seems like a nice way to make a few quid each month without much effort. Basically, you collect discarded receipts (ASDA etc) and use the price match guarantee to earn vouchers for yourself - all above board...
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    Car Insurance Bargains

    Just paid £177 to insure a 2009 Citroen C4 Picasso fully comp with Aviva via TopCashback (£150 excess). In addition to the great price (£250 less than renewal quote), I will get £73.50 Cashback. The Cashback tracked within 30 minutes and so that makes it £104 for a year's insurance! So, if...
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    Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginners

    I thought that it would be useful to provide a list of blog posts relating to this subject in 1 convenient place. So, here goes: 1. What is Affiliate Marketing and What Do You Write About? 2. 5 Things to Do Before You Start Writing Reviews
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    Can a Blogger Relax on Holiday?

    So, I am off to France on Thursday for 16 days and the question is can I just relax on holiday (as much as one can relax with 3 kids under 6!) or should I be sneaking a couple of blog posts out while I'm away? I have a couple of posts queued up to publish while i'm away, but not much and there...
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    Creating Custom Amazon Text Links

    Many people (including myself) struggle with this at first and the technique is not obvious if you have never done it before. However, once you know the simple process it is very quick and easy to do.
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    Good Premium Themes

    I have used 2 different premium theme providers: 1. Elegant Themes I started out buying the Elegant Themes package. It used to cost $39 per year for unlimited to access to all 87 themes. However, the price has now gone up to $69 per year. You don't have to renew your subscription each year to...
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    Good Free Wordpress Themes?

    There are thousands of free Wordpress themes to choose from, but I have never managed to find one that has the right look, flexibility and support for use on any of my websites. Some are okay, but many are pretty awful to use and look cheap (not surprising since they are free!) I wondered if...
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    Hobbies of the 1980s

    All this talk of Looms and Moshi Monsters got me thinking about all the crazes and hobbies that I indulged in during the 80s. There are too many to mention, but one that I would love to try again is roller skating. I used to live in my skates as a young teenager - even used to do my paper...
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    4 Reasons to Review "Newly Released" Products

    1. If you get a good Search engine ranking, your potential passive income is much higher than if you review a product released 4 years ago - product lifespan issues etc. 2. It is easier to get a good search engine ranking because fewer people will have reviewed it in the early days. 3. You...
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    The Best Mini-blog sites to Drive Traffic?

    I always G+, Tweet, Pin & FB my blog posts. This drives a little traffic to my sites and doesn't take very long to do. I am interested in using a couple of mini-blog sites (if that's the correct term) to drive more traffic. Ideally, they would be easy-to-use popular sites where people actively...
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    Funny Street Adverts

    This sort of thing always makes me laugh .. and want to visit the place too >> Sorry, but I can't work out how to rotate the image in tiny pic so you'll just have to contort your neck instead ::)
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    Training Courses & Resources (Free & Paid)

    Don't worry, I'm not going to promote WA ::) Just thought it would be useful for people to share any free / paid resources that they have found useful. Free - Wordpress for beginners >> - Google Webmaster YouTube Channel (SEO info straight from the horse's mouth!) - I...
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    Free Codes for eCommerce Website Training Course - 5 available

    Okay folks, the courses tutor emailed me to ask if I would promote this on my website(s) >> I asked for free access to the course content so that I could do a more personal review and the tutor has provided me...
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    Tweeting Affiliate Codes - Good Strategy?

    One of my training course affiliate merchants often holds flash sales with huge discounts on 1000's of online training courses (wide variety of subjects covered). These flash sales often only last for a day or two and so changing coupon codes on websites is very time-consuming. Also, only a few...
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    The the green site Secret Police Service

    It would seem that the legions of Secret Police who sadly found themselves redundant when the former USSR was broken up have finally found gainful employment as moderators on the the green site website. Anytime I mention anything on their forums that is even slightly critical of the green site and its policies or...
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    The £30 Hotel in Coventry

    I found out this morning that I have a case in Coventry at 10.30am tomorrow morning. Since I live in Newcastle upon Tyne, an overnight stay in a hotel is the only sensible option. If someone else was paying I would find somewhere comfortable, without being too cheeky. Alas, I am paying the bill...
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    36663 Tattoo?

    Should I get a "36663" tattoo so that I can stop annoying Jon with random variations of the numerals 3 and 6 when referring to this Q & A service? ;) If yes, where would be the best place to put it for ease of reference - I thought perhaps the back of my left hand?
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    Panda 4 Released

    Hold on to your hats - Panda 4 released on 20th May.!PF8yk Sounds like good news for anyone trying to create quality content as Google looks to sweep away the spammy garbage. So far, I seem to have done ok...
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    Who should I vote for in the local elections?

    I never thought that I would ever consider voting UKIP in any election (not even milk monitor!) However, I have a serious dilemma. The Labour/Lib Dem council are proposing a crazy red-route scheme for my local area that has huge opposition. They carried out a pathetic consultation exercise...