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    Question / Discussion Appen and Payoneer

    I've been trying to withdraw funds to my bank account for months. Have sent all the requested documentation and had confirmation that my account is fully active, but the withdrawal is still pending. :mad:
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    Transcribe Work speech recording Neevo

    Just been offered a nice little dialogue collection job, but there is nobody online to chat to. Perhaps the 10am start isn't UK time?
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    Transcribe Work speech recording Neevo

    Doesn't sound like it - mine had a test, were far too long, and it would have been impossible to earn a decent rate.
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    Transcribe Work speech recording Neevo

    Is anyone doing the latest round of mean opinion scoring? The recordings are so long that I have given up on the test, let alone working on the project! Neevo seems to have so few jobs that are worth doing. :(
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    Shopmium Referral [OT] Shopmium - Get cash back on food + FREE products in store - LEAVE YOUR REFERRAL CODE HERE

    I'm a bit late to the party but have now signed up. My referral code for a free tub of Pringles is vy2k8q. Enjoy!
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    Other Earning Opportunity Get paid £4 instantly for reviewing a company on Google

    Is this a genuine review (like a mystery shop) or a fake one?
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    Transcribe Work speech recording Neevo

    Before Sunrise is a film - you're not getting paid enough to add Googling the phrase to the task though!
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    Other Earning Opportunity Anyone in the PO9 (Havant) postcode?

    I've just done a super-quick, super-well paid task for a digital marketing company and they are looking for two people in the PO9 (Havant) postcode to do the same. Please message me if you are potentially interested. I'm not being paid to find people, just trying to help.
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    Fivestar OMS - Paid to Review Products + FREE PRODUCTS

    Interesting article on fake Amazon reviews:
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    Transcribe Work speech recording Neevo

    Neevo appears to be struggling to get people to complete some of its assignments - I've lost count of the number of emails I have received asking me to work on projects that I have already assigned to the 'not cost-effective' bin.
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    Transcribe Work speech recording Neevo

    Has anyone tried the healthcare text elicitation collection? $0.08 (6p) to read a prompt and come up with and type five responses. If you can do a task a minute, you'd earn a whole £3.60 per hour - wonder why I'm giving this one a miss?!
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    Transcribe Work speech recording Neevo

    Agreed - the time it takes for each sentence to load is soul-destroying. :(
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    Transcribe Work speech recording Neevo

    I managed nearly 200 - thought I had been kicked out for some reason!
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    Transcribe Work speech recording Neevo

    I've been marking these as 'no'. A coherent sentence is a complete, standalone sentence - your examples are truncated.
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    Transcribe Work speech recording Neevo

    I've just completed 100 to see how it pays. It took me 8 minutes to earn $2, so $15/just under £12 per hour should be possible. This was with the tasks being quite slow to load, although I am a speed reader.
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    Transcribe Work audio transcription work/jobs help

    I did, so that at least must have been correct!
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    Transcribe Work audio transcription work/jobs help

    I got 30 per cent - was actually quite pleased as I felt that I was guessing what most of the speakers were saying! I don't think this type of work is for me, although I enjoyed the other tests! :D
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    Other Earning Opportunity Test, Track and Trace Home- Working

    I didn't hear back either. Probably for the best though, as their idea of flexible (five eight-hour shifts a week) is not the same as mine!
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    Online / Offline Focus Groups Respondent - Like Prolific but a bit more involved and higher paying

    Has anyone else been accepted for the six-month home care panel job with the very nice fee? :D
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    Appen [OT] Appen Work Opportunities

    It only mentioned one set of 200 and I think the pay was $8.80. Not something we are going to get rich on. :(