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  1. rich110991

    Question / Discussion Fiverr??

    Hi guys, Does anyone know how Fiverr works please? If I place an order and pay for it but then I’m not happy with the work, do I get the money back in my bank? Thanks
  2. rich110991

    Question / Discussion Paying tax

    Hi guys just looking for some info on paying tax please. Since April (start of the new tax year) I’ve had self employed income and in the first few months I had some personal income as well from jobs I had which I already paid tax on. I think I’m right that I just have to say this is how much...
  3. rich110991

    Microsoft Word

    Hi, does anyone know how I can get Microsoft Word for free on PC? Thanks.
  4. rich110991

    Richie Rich's Diary

    Hey guys, Thought I would a diary on here to track my progress, especially since I'm working on rebuilding money that I recently lost. I'm going to start updating the diary from 01/08/2020 and try to track my earnings each month. Here's a list of what I am using at the moment to earn...
  5. rich110991


    Hi is anyone any good with printers please? I’m printing pictures that I need to be in the middle of the page. I know my printer doesn’t do borderless printing so there’s always going to be a margin. But I’ve tried setting them the same size and for the life of me I just can’t get it right. The...
  6. rich110991

    Majorly screwed up

    I didn't really know where to post this and I don't know if it will even help but I just needed to tell someone as I feel like I can't talk to anyone. I made a lot of money over the last few months, I had over £3,000 in my bank and it took a lot of effort to make that money. I've blew it all...
  7. rich110991

    Medical Research?

    Lol don’t laugh at me (Jon :p) but has anyone ever been paid to do medical research trials? I’ve just applied for a couple but I’m a smoker so it’s hard to find ones because most of them say non-smokers but I thought I’d give it a shot. It’s good money. I don’t know what my chances of getting...
  8. rich110991

    Any tech wizards?

    Hi guys I’m setting up a little business selling like family prints in a frame. I’m having trouble with the prints though. I’m designing them on my Mac and then when I print them the colour doesn’t come out the same. It’s much duller than what it should be. I’ve been reading online and it says...
  9. rich110991


    Hi all, I made an eBay account last night and I was trying to research things that I could buy and sell to make a profit but it seems harder than it looks. Do you have any tips for me on where to start? When the shops are back open I'm going to go to charity shops and carboot sales and try and...
  10. rich110991

    Question / Discussion Facebook numerical ID?

    Does anyone know how to find this? I’ve tried Find my Facebook numerical ID sites but they don’t work and I’ve tried going to view page source and that’s not working either. I’ve been invited to this job and I really want to do it. Is this not the same as the Lionbridge job?
  11. rich110991

    Other Referrals Free $10 ClipClaps

    I received a $10.00 reward from ClipClaps, you can too! Copy the text and open ClipClaps to share bonus. Referral Code: #eyJ1c2VyaWQiOiIzNTU0NTg3In0=# Sign up and open your rewards. You will get between $7-10 and if you have less than $10 you can refer people ($0.30...
  12. rich110991

    Question / Discussion Typing jobs

    Really struggling to make money at the moment with task apps out of the picture and Neevo slowing down... Are there any good typing jobs about? Preferably ones that don’t want experience? I did search the forum and saw someone mention Accuro but I don’t think they are taking anybody on at the...
  13. rich110991

    Question / Discussion Registering as Self Employed help

    Hi, sorry if these questions are silly but I’ve never been self employed so I don’t know how it all works. I’ve been making money online and with apps since February and I was also off sick from work until April 2nd (yesterday). I’ve left that job as of yesterday but I’ve also signed up to an...
  14. rich110991

    Question / Discussion Investing in a laptop

    Hi everyone, So I’ve been making money online for a couple of months now and I’ve mainly been using my phone or my PC at home. Problem is it’s my Dad’s PC and he uses it a lot so at certain points of the day I can’t do anything and I know I could be earning more. So I need a laptop! Just...
  15. rich110991

    Website Testing Tester Work

    Has anyone tried Tester Work? I googled “get paid to test apps” and this came up first. There’s a short test which I passed. Anyone know if it’s legit and has regular tests? Haven’t seen anyone mention it on here.
  16. rich110991

    Question / Discussion Progress

    Hi all, I’ve been trying to make money online for about 3 weeks now. I’m doing ok with things like... Prolific - made about £40+ BeMyEye - £50+ Roamler - £30+ CuriousCats - £22+ Qmee - £15+ AttaPoll - £5 MobEye - £7 (don’t think that will be consistent) Then things like OnePulse and SerpClix...
  17. rich110991

    Question / Discussion Newbie help

    Hi. I’m new to all of this. I’ve been using Prolific for over a week now and I have made around £20 so far and cashed out, it is a bit quiet though, surveys don’t seem to come very often. A voice recording survey keeps popping up every now and then saying £25 for 3 hours work and you have to...
  18. rich110991

    Matched Betting Question Gamstop

    Hi all, I am new to this site. I’ve started doing surveys on Prolific but now I’m looking at this matched betting stuff. The only problem is, I’m registered with Gamstop which excludes me from all online gambling. So is that pretty much a no go with matched betting? I’m guessing so. I live in...