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  1. RedAlix

    Laptop help

    We have got to the point where we really need a new laptop. Ours has finally gone kuput sadly. Need it for general web use, surveys etc. Kids use it for homework and watching DVDs. Ours was an Acer aspire and I really liked it, lasted a long time. Can't remember the spec though or how much we...
  2. RedAlix

    Disney Florida

    Thinking of doing Disney next year with our whole family (13 of us!). We will have to go during the school summer holidays 2018. I know some of you have been before so please can you give us your tips. We are looking at staying in a villa for 2 weeks. How many days do you recommend for Disney...
  3. RedAlix

    Cashback and offers

    When opening a new account with a bookie is it worth getting cashback from quidco (etc) or would that invalidate the offers on PA? for example with 188bet <removed PA content> I am assuming you can't do both?
  4. RedAlix

    Starting again...

    I think I am ready to start matched betting again. What is the best oddsmatcher to use? Do you still all use PA or is there anything newer/better? Guessing there are still plenty of offers and money to be made. Unfortunately I was gubbed from paddy power, bet365 and Stan James but I know...
  5. RedAlix

    Accounts software

    Does anyone know if there is there a free basic accounts program available? I've recently taken over as treasurer for the PTA at my daughters school after no one doing it for a year so the accounts are rather a mess! Thought maybe some accounts software would make it easier than excel!
  6. RedAlix

    Recommend me a computer

    Time has come for me to buy a new computer, the laptop is hanging on by the skin of its teeth and I though a proper desktop computer would be much more robust for the kids to use, at least they can't drop one on the floor! I don't have a lot of money to spend on one at the moment but looking...
  7. RedAlix

    Paid to work out!

    Does anyone have a fitness tracker? I've got a fitbit and have recently signed up to bounts. Its free to join and you get points for the exercise you do and you can cash the points in for amazon vouchers (there are loads of others to choose from) Enter my...
  8. RedAlix

    Hosting Question

    Can anyone recommend a good but cheap hosting company? Also is it best to have a website hosted in the UK if I want to be found easily in the UK or does it not matter?
  9. RedAlix

    Tax Return Question

    Since starting neobux I am now confusing myself with tax info. If I have earned $90 and reinvested $85 do I say I have earned $90 and the $85 is expenses or do I just give my profit of $5. (I have only actually withdrawn $5 to my paypal account)
  10. RedAlix

    Need a new website

    I currently use Vstore as my shopping cart and over the last few years it just gone down hill. There is no support like there used to be and its so slow that it can take 5 minutes for a page to open so i can update a product. Since the start of the year I've been thinking about giving up on it...
  11. RedAlix


    I'm looking for a laptop/notebook for my dad. He recently bought one but it was useless, it was on windows 8 (which I don't like at all) and the touch screen has stopped working. He is taking this one back as its only around a month old so we are now looking for a new one. Don't want to spend...
  12. RedAlix

    Reasons for leaving job

    Just filling in an application form. I have to give reasons for leaving my previous jobs. one place I left because I found it a horrible place to work, The boss smokes yucky cigars in his office all day and you weren't allowed to talk about ANYTHING other than work. I can't really say I left...
  13. RedAlix

    Faulty phone

    I got a Nokia Lumia 520 last September. At just over a month old it developed a fault with the power button. It went back to carphone warehouse to be repaired. A month later I got the phone back and it worked well for a while. Around 2-3 months later I noticed the volume up button has started...
  14. RedAlix

    broken laptop

    My laptop has broken :( the charger has stoppped charging. I didn't even get the chance to save everything. Really hoping we can get it repaired without the thing getting wiped. I backed it up not too long ago so won't have lost any photos , its just my work files. Also worried because all my...
  15. RedAlix

    Alix's Money Earning Diary

    EDIT: NEW TARGETS!! I kinda got lost track of where I was with my online earnings so I have decided to start again with a fresh new target. I am going to try and max out my 2 TSB bank accounts (£2000 each) then after than I will attempt to max out my 123 Santander account (£20,000!) These...
  16. RedAlix

    Free ebooks from your local library

    Did you know you can borrow ebooks from your local library? well if you have a Kobo or similar book reader you can 'simply' download these books to read for free. I say simply in inverted comers like that as it was far from simple to set up but now we have worked it out I have written a how to...
  17. RedAlix

    Ebay non payers

    I've sold 2 things on ebay lately, one last weekend and the other the weekend before. Both people haven't paid yet. How long would you wait before contacting ebay? I've sent the invoice several times but I've had no reply or payment.
  18. RedAlix

    1000 Posts!

    Congratulations on getting to this forum milestone Jon :)
  19. RedAlix

    Downside of drop shipping

    I had an order this afternoon for something that my supplier has discontinued :( The item wasn't on their latest price list but I hadn't got round to updating my website .. what a pain. This is when I wish I actually had a stock room filled with what I sell then I can set my website to...
  20. RedAlix

    Small things you do to save money

    What small things do you do to save money? We only boil just enough water in the kettle. (Usually) turn of lights that don't need to be on. I don't have the heating on in the day (unless it drops below 17oC (I will put an extra jumper on first or get up and do a bit of cleaning, that usually...