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    Loyalty Cards for Supermarkets

    An offer like that doesn't really appeal to me, I'm not one to read a newspaper. I think I'd prefer my loyalty going towards more money off shopping than a small freebie. I suppose that's great if you regular pop in there to get lunch or something, as it's about the right price. I don't even...
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    Maximiles - Get rewarded earning points

    I think I prefer Maximiles over Swagbucks, I seem to be getting on better with it anyhow. I feel like I've earned more with maximiles and feel like there is more opportunities to earn points quick in bulk.
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    Dooyoo - Earn money writing product reviews

    I love writing product reviews. I have no idea why, maybe I find it therapeutic! Writing reviews and earning money at the same time is a massive bonus. Do you know how many points you earn for a review, and how many points you need for a voucher/ cheque?
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    Beginners guide to earning money from home

    I signed up to Valued Opinions yesterday and I received an email today inviting me to take part on a survey. The pay offered was £1.50, great I thought, until I started the survey! Oh my it had to be going on 30+ pages! it took nearly 15-20 minutes to complete. One hell of a survey!
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    What drives you to want to earn extra money?

    I'm just after extra bit of so if I see something I like whether that be clothes or something for the house, I can just pick it up and not have to worry.
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    Making money on Fivesquids

    Wow what sort of service/skill have you been offering? Has it gone well for you and have you gained good feedback from doing it? Do Fivesquids take a percentage of the money or a set fee?
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    Loyalty Cards for Supermarkets

    I'm a Tesco person also. We usually get about £12 in club card vouchers each time they arrive. I think the double up exchange is a god send, especially if one of the categories happens to contain something you need! I also collect nectar points because I spend so much money on eBay, when these...
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    [OT] Pinecone Research - Currently Accepting new people via this link!

    Re: Pinecone Research - Currently Accepting new people via this link! I've just signed up as well. £3 per survey I'll be happy with, lol. I wonder when I'll get the first one through, I take it they email you when you have any available survey?
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    Slow Cookers - Anyone use these things?

    My husbands a Chef, and uses our slow cooker regularly. I can't cook to save my life, so I'll ask him in a bit for some good money saving meals that you can cook using a slow cooker.
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    Swag Bucks - A multi hub of earning opportunities

    I haven't been using it long as I signed up a few days ago. So far I have gathered 73 Swag Bucks, that's from playing games, watching videos, participating in the daily poll and completing daily tasks. The rewards vary, that you cash in your Swag Bucks for. For example there's an Amazon voucher...
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    [OT] ShopandScan - Beep your shopping and earn some money

    Re: ShopandScan - Beep your shopping and earn some money Really that long? I'll just keep an eye on my inbox then and see if anything comes of it. It's a good idea, here's hoping they want someone like me! :)
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    [OT] ShopandScan - Beep your shopping and earn some money

    Re: ShopandScan - Beep your shopping and earn some money I signed up to this a couple of days ago but haven't heard anything. How long do they usually take to get back to you? If I'm not suitable, will just not hear anything? I really want to do this, ha!
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    What are the top 3 paying survey sites?

    I'm wanting to focus my time as I'm limited to what I can do and I'm trying to focus my efforts where I'm most likely to get a good return. I'm aiming for survey sites which have a good pay per survey, as I know there are some sites with really low rates (which I'm trying to avoid). Is anyone...
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    Swag Bucks - A multi hub of earning opportunities

    Has anyone else used swag bucks? I've just signed up, there seems to be lots you can do. You can watch videos, answers polls, surveys, play games + more. You earn points by doing these things, which you can then convert into vouchers. It looks like it's a non UK website as it's main currency...
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    Selling on Ebay

    I didn't even know about the ebay postage fee until I recently sold several items that I had to send via next day special delivery. I like to charge cost price for the postage and then add about 20p on top as I use a lot of recycled packaging, but I need to drive to the post office. I wasn't...
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    ----- The Introduce yourself thread! -----

    Re: The Introduce yourself thread! Hi everyone, I'm Lucy. I work from home anyway as I'm self employed running my own business, however I thought I would could see if I could earn some extra money on the quieter days. It seems as if I have found the right place as I've signed up to a few...
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    Quickthoughts - Earn money doing surveys on your iPad and Android device

    Re: Quickthoughts - Earn money doing surveys on your iPad I've just downloaded this app and completed my first survey, earning myself 50p. I do like the layout, which makes it easy to quickly get through the questions. I don't have any other surveys available yet though. We shall see how it goes!
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    Selling on Ebay

    Hi EmmaH, I've used eBay to sell second hand goods as well as new stock. I've found it's not really worth it unless you know the item is going to sell for a decent amount due it being popular (items that hold their value). Items such as the main brand buggies and technology items are almost...