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  1. unicornrider

    Question / Discussion Appen and Payoneer

    So I have started to work for Appen again, frustratingly they now use Payoneer for payment and this seems to take forever and now they are also charging a $3 fee for each payment. Is anyone else have problems getting money out of Payoneer. They want bank statements and business websites too...
  2. unicornrider

    Question / Discussion Working on getting more click throughs from Instagram

    I don't know if I am teaching everyone to suck lemons here :D but I noticed that I literally am getting no click throughs from Instagram. I have had 2 since May. So I spent far too long watching Instagram YouTube videos and have trialled the Swipe Up option. Now I am no media whore so I do not...
  3. unicornrider

    Question / Discussion So I have tipped my toe into blogging and am totally confused

    So I paid up for HostPresto, bought my demain, downloaded WordPress and have been working on my page. However I can't seem to see my page apart from when I am logged into the WordPress. Do I have press a special button to make it all go live? Apologies for the super simple question, I know a...
  4. unicornrider

    Tandem Bank

    Hi Guys, I was wondering if anyone has used Tandem Bank for savings etc and how they find it?
  5. unicornrider

    Help or Advice Return to blogging?

    I am still here, lurking about, earning money, playing with unicorns. Anyway I used to write a blog using wordpress about Nickel but I found it difficult (not the content but the usability). I have been reading a fair bit on blogging on here and looked through the epic blogging guide which is...
  6. unicornrider

    I need a rant - Mortgage based fun or not

    So after getting myself straight, going from a sub 500 Experian to 993 score. Decent job, me and my mum after suffering the horrendous reality of looking after her parents, the social care (or not system) etc and Mum's suffering health from saving the governement thousands by caring for her...
  7. unicornrider

    Rev Audio Transcribing

    Has anyone signed up to Rev, I saw an ad on Facebook, which TBH I never usually bother with but went and had a look, have done their test and just waiting to see if I passed. Payscale was 0.35 to 0.65 dollars a minute so overall that doesn't look bad but it was interesting and I found it fairly...
  8. unicornrider

    Mum starting MBing!

    So after being very sceptical, my mum has decided that she wants to bump up her meagre state pension with Mbing. I am starting her up, sadly I doubt we will be able to hit Cheltenham but will see, it depends on how quickly she can get her new bank account set up! So to start her up, I am going...
  9. unicornrider

    Risk Free/Low Risk Bonanza Box Casino Sign Ups

    I am sharing information from a post that I found on Facebook that I have had a go at this and it seems to be a good way to do low risk casino - full credit given to original author at the end of the initial post - Starspins, Monopoly Casino, Virgin Games, Heart Bingo, Jackpot Joy. ⭐️ Cashback...
  10. unicornrider

    6 Months in and need some advice

    So I am kicking myself on not being more proactive but since May I have earned £3359, which is great but in the last few weeks I have been gubbed by Coral and Skybet. This has upset my plans. Skybet I have rinsed for the casino offers so I can understand but I don't know where I go from here, I...
  11. unicornrider

    Leapforce bought out by Appen

    Just got the email this morning to say that Leapforce had been bought out by Appen, hence our change in payment methods that they alluded to last month. Not sure what else this will mean, Appen turned me down when I applied to them.
  12. unicornrider

    World Cup Offers

    Is there anywhere I can see all of the World Cup offers for all the bookies?
  13. unicornrider

    Paddy Power sign up offer

    Hey guys, am beginning to slowly get into this and actually now I do see it as much better return on my time than surveys lol. Anyway I digress. I have just started the PaddyPower sign up offer, bet £10 get a £10 refund if your bet loses. Backed it on Smarkets and it lost so I have £10 sat in...
  14. unicornrider

    Coral free £5 bet

    Today Coral sent me a free £5 bet, thank you very much. Popped it on some football, wasn't greedy as I want to build up my balance ASAP so went for a football match tomorrow - Fulham vs someone lol, I don't really like football but it is getting me some good paybacks. I am slowly plodding...
  15. unicornrider

    UTest - Internet Passive Speed Testing (UK)

    Has anyone signed up and found out what we get paid for this, I have tentatively signed up and am waiting to see if I get in.
  16. unicornrider

    Oh Dear I have messed up

    Well, it all looked easy but finding your bet on Betfair isn't that easy so I ended up laying the same match twice :-( #fail let hope the lay bet wins I suppose..... This match betting is not as easy as it sounds and I am going through Profit Accumulator
  17. unicornrider

    Populus Live

    Hey everyone, I have seen loads of recommendations for Populus Live so I signed up over a week ago but I have not had any work at all week off them. I checked my spam file etc just in case the email alerts had gone in there but nada, niente! Is this normal?
  18. unicornrider

    One Poll down

    OnePoll has been down all day, I know it's a boring survey site but I have been earning a fair bit on there recently and it's something I can get away with at work so I can earn double during the day! :p
  19. unicornrider

    Weekend earnings

    I was wondering if it was normal for the usual survey sites to dry up at the weekened, literally had nothing all day on Prolific, YouGov,, OnePoll, Clickworker, Testable, Viewsbank, Curious Cat etc? I am still very new to this and watching an afternoon of racing so though I might do some...
  20. unicornrider

    Funding the Unicorn

    So I have been on here a few days and already made more than I thought, I can see myself getting bored with surveys but it is money so I have keep that in mind. I have been turned down by Lionbridge booooo but ho hum their loss and I will apply again. I am looking loads at match betting and I...