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    So today has been fun I took the decision last night to invest a little money in this only £20 but I cant see how I can lose it, as I can sell my GH/s and take my money back out. So this morning I bought £20.52 in GH/s at 0.00641200 BTC per 1GH/s, within an hour or two the GH/s price was up at...
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    haha yeah takes for ever dosn't it. All you need now is some bitcoins, which may take a day or two to accumulate, then just buy some GH/s on then do nothing, you can if you want and I do when I have nothing else to do, I go and click some more nonsense and get more free coins and just...
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    Ok first @ Jon you can exchange your bitcoins for cash on a whole host of websites, it is no different to selling and buying shares really, this site has a good reputation: Onto CEX.IO they have a massive data centre, you in theory rent a little from them and they...
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    Well I have only just started myself, but I fail to see a downside as you/we dont have to spend our own money to start, which has to be a plus. Look at it as a commodity it may not be worth much now but in the future if it goes back up to where it was you will multiply what ever you have by 5...
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    No work at all is needed other than re -investing your made bitcoins back into GH/s or withdrawing them to your wallet after the initial few days in setting up the wallet (syncing it, and making a few free bitcoins). Once that is done its plain sailing, I wrote that post on my blog yesterday...
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    The Money Shed in the Media

    A very good post as well ! What was your finishing visitor count for April ?
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    Getting Started - Website

    How about this: As you are new to all this I will offer you 3 mths free hosting and I will put wordpress on there to save you doing it, as im sure I can do it a lot easier than you could ;) You then have 3 mths to test/try it out and if it fails you have not lost any money from hosting. I...
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    Renting out mining gear from eBay or other similar sites really does not work ! so don't try it you will end up losing money. However its not all bad news, I am now earning Bitcoins every hour and all on auto pilot and without the need to spend any money at all, and I mean no money has been...
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    Mad Marks - Money Diary

    Not been around for a few days, I have been busy getting my head around all this Bitcoin stuff. An update to my diary is as followed Fiverr earnings upto $65 Topcashback still the same but i have a further £21.50 pending Qmee upto £2.09 But the interesting one is my Bitcoin adventure, I...
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    Im not sure "Brave" is the correct word, but thanks.... I think stupid is more like it lol Anyway fingers crossed :)
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    Well its a right job to even get started, I downloaded the Bitcoin core (My Wallet) and to be fair its did say it would take a long time to sync, but wow 2 solid days it took to sync and 7GB of data transfer so for god's sake dont try this if you have a data limit on your broadband. Anyway as...
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    Spent all day reading up on this, has anyone on here had dealings with them ? either by way of mining them or trading in them ? I think with the way the value fluctuates there is a defo chance of making a few ££'s buying and selling them.. Im going to have go anyway and see what happens :)
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    Not a contest but a give away

    So some of you may know I do Android Applications. So I have just started a new paid service where by I will convert your website into a valid Android Application and also publish it to Google Play. Now registration costs $25 on Google Play so by charging $15 I will be saving the end user $10...
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    £5 Advertising Space Wanted for The Money Shed

    I think natural backlinks are the best on similar type forums just like i did for Jon the other day, not only has it got 2 new users but is also now a hard link back to this site for Google to pick up. But I do agree in that I think we all get a little side tracked in thinking Google is god !
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    Surveys [OT] Qmee - Earn money online for going window shopping

    Indeed it could take some time to pay off the mortgage using this method, but it all adds up I guess Tip: Qmee seems to love eBay searches, so pop over there and start searching they will soon pop up. Keywords that have worked for me this week is: Sublimation Little Tikes Mug Press All three...
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    Mad Marks - Money Diary

    Nah this was ok and I was expecting it ;) was me up to no good again lol
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    Mad Marks - Money Diary

    Well I guess its about time I started one of these. So Im not going to include stuff I have done or do that I was doing before I found this forum. But since joining i have done the following: Started on Fiverr I offer a few services - Video Intro's, Fourm Posting, and my latest is creating...
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    Weegy Q&A Service

    So Jon if you spent say 1 hour on there answering the questions, what would you expect to earn ?
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    Website Hosting etc etc

    Having just read a thread on here I feel compelled to post. If any of you on here are looking to start, upgrade but a theme, install a website. DONT PAY for anything until you have spoken to me :) Honestly quite how these big companies get away with charging what they do is beyond me. I own...
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    Fiverr vs FiveSquid vs PeoplePerHour

    Indeed and as long as people know and I have shared my experience then im happy :) That being said they are about to get competition ;)