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    Spent all day reading up on this, has anyone on here had dealings with them ? either by way of mining them or trading in them ? I think with the way the value fluctuates there is a defo chance of making a few ££'s buying and selling them.. Im going to have go anyway and see what happens :)
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    Not a contest but a give away

    So some of you may know I do Android Applications. So I have just started a new paid service where by I will convert your website into a valid Android Application and also publish it to Google Play. Now registration costs $25 on Google Play so by charging $15 I will be saving the end user $10...
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    Mad Marks - Money Diary

    Well I guess its about time I started one of these. So Im not going to include stuff I have done or do that I was doing before I found this forum. But since joining i have done the following: Started on Fiverr I offer a few services - Video Intro's, Fourm Posting, and my latest is creating...
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    Website Hosting etc etc

    Having just read a thread on here I feel compelled to post. If any of you on here are looking to start, upgrade but a theme, install a website. DONT PAY for anything until you have spoken to me :) Honestly quite how these big companies get away with charging what they do is beyond me. I own...
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    Partner needed in new online venture (Time only no funds required)

    So after finding this website it has really opened my eyes to all the different ways of making and earning money online, none more than the "Top Cashback" website. Now I used to do a lot of affiliate marketing which the bottom line is what they do. So I want to create a website that offers a...
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    Down £679 this month all ready

    Yep its the 6th and im down £679, boy I have some work to do between now and the end of the month to break even. :o However its not all sad, the reason for my rather large deficit is that my computer when "boom bang bye" so I went and purchased and all singing all dancing quad core thing...
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    Water meters

    A subject of some contention really. Whilst a water meter in some circumstances will save you money, the problem you face is you cant have it removed. Example My friend who owns his own home had a water meter fitted some years ago, and it saved him lots of money as it was just him. He then...
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    Prize sites

    Does anyone do these ? My daughter has been watching some coupon programme from the USA and has got right into it. And has started entering hundreds of competitions per day. Has anyone on here ever won anything ? Its seems its more about gaining information on people than anything else, and...
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    Online and home secretary

    In this day and age there is not a lot we cant do from our home PC terminal, and most of us have phone so it got me thinking about secretary work based from home. A quick search showed its a big business but not as big as I thought it would be, are we/you missing a trick here, It really cant be...
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    Making money from Facebook

    Just thought I would share something I did last week. I guess we have all seen and may even be members of the "buy and sell" groups on Facebook, I even admin one of them :) Anyway whilst browsing through a local one to me the other day, wishing I could afford this that and the other, I came...
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    Income from websites

    For me this is my main income, although it didn't start out that way and wasn't planned. But for people looking to earn money online there is nothing easier than setting up and running a website. And it really dosn't cost that much to start up either: Domain name = £2.99 [per/year] at present...