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    Banking Tide Account - Deposit £50 - Get £50 FREE (using code: FREE50)

    I didn't have a business when I setup my account ;-)
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    Bitcoin / Crypto 50% Extra Litecoin (LTC) at referral code

    This website looks dodgy! I would not be joining up to this site and would definitely not be depositing any funds... Be careful OP. I didn't join but if you can just join to get free LTC that's fine - but make sure you don't deposit anything as you will probably never see it again.
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    Cleared Credit Card Balance - Close or Leave?

    I hadn't realised that was the case. I was planning on closing a few credit card accounts as they are just not being used or needed. Thanks for the info! - will need to rethink.
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    Banking Tide Account - Deposit £50 - Get £50 FREE (using code: FREE50)

    Not sure if this will swing it for anyone.... But I just received some freebies from Tide ... A bag for life, a pen, stress ball, some sweets and a few other bits and bobs. #random
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    Question / Discussion Tax

    Wow - I didn't realise so many people did their own self assessment return. Might check it out and see what it involves. I have some crypto and shares to report but otherwise I expect it's fairly simple .... Thanks!
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    Other Referrals 50p Costa Coffee and free points

    Just got my 50p coffee today - Never seen the coffee drive thru so busy! I don't think they were ready for it! Great offer :) Thanks
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    Question / Discussion Newbie

    I know some of the offers were decent... but £3600pa for 10 mins per day. Wow I need to get reading too! Thanks
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    £6 Free at Costa Coffee (600 Points)

    Combine this with the offer from the 14th April for 2 days when hot drinks will only be 50p at Costa! I've already joined OP - but thanks for the heads up on the coffee express machines.
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    Question / Discussion Tax

    Do you guys do you own taxes or get an accountant. This is the 1st year I will need to do a self assessment as I made a few quid on the stockmarket If accountant - how much should I expect to pay roughly? Thanks in advance
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    Banking Tide Account - Deposit £50 - Get £50 FREE (using code: FREE50)

    Got my £50 cash - Thank you OP. Took about 10 days. I know Tide say up to 8 weeks but was much quicker! Just signed up the missus - she has an account with Natwest which is positively prehistoric compared to the app/service from Tide.
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    Question / Discussion Domain name or .com or other

    Thanks Jon. I will get both and see how I get on. The domains are not expensive. Great forum btw!
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    Question / Discussion Domain name or .com or other

    Hi. Very new here and loving the discussions ! I have a quick question which may have been asked before so I apologise if it has! I'm starting a new beauty / fashion blog as a hobby and wondered which type of domain I should be getting... Both .com and are available for the name I would...
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    Banking CashApp Referral Offers

    Thanks OP. Just signed up and transferred funds to a friend. Should I be seeing the free cash immediately?
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    Banking Tide Account - Deposit £50 - Get £50 FREE (using code: FREE50)

    Thanks OP. It only took a few minutes to sign up and deposit £50. I actually contacted in-app chat who confirmed that the free cash will be deposited in a few weeks. I just signed up with my personal details! A few things you missed though: 1. Using the code also gets you FREE LTD company...