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    Bitcoin / Crypto Earn TRX new app

    Be very careful with sites like these..... They usually pay for a few days.. and then when they have your confidence and you have invested more money .... you won't see them again!
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    Bitcoin / Crypto Free $100 Morph coin

    Don't you get 100 tokens rather than $100 worth of Morpher? I just had a quick scan and it seems you get 100 tokens. 1 morpher token is worth $0.04 so what you will actually get is $4 ........ NOT $100. Is that correct?
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    Banking Tide Account - Deposit £50 - Get £50 FREE (using code: FREE50)

    Not sure about depositing £50 and removing it straight away. I would leave it in until you have received your £50 just to be sure. Full terms can be found here: Tide £50 Offer Link
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    Passive Income Earner Auto copy pro traders

    That was actually quite funny. I did need to read it a few times. OP - I'm interested in finding out more. I don't think it is for me. I've heard about robo trading and been looking into that - not sure I would trust someone else to trade for me ... But drop the website address here so we can...
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    Banking Tide Account - Deposit £50 - Get £50 FREE (using code: FREE50)

    Yes you can close it. It's just like any other bank. You can withdraw and close if you wish to. On your second point - Tide has over 320,000 accounts in the UK (I just googled) so it's not some backstreet fly by night business. In terms of FSCA protection - nope. This is what it says on...
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    Shares / Stocks FREE STOCK worth 5-100$ on Passfolio for depositing 25$

    Out of Trading212, Freetrade, Stake, Orca and Passfolio.... this one is probably the worst in terms of free share... I got a $1 share like most other people will get. I think the stats say 96% will get a $1 share which is awful. Sorry I can't recommend this one... its not even a good trading app.
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    Banking Tide Account - Deposit £50 - Get £50 FREE (using code: FREE50)

    Thanks Sam1 - I didn't realise using the code had other benefits above the free £50! I have now received the free £50 cash directly into my account. Took just over 2 weeks to arrive .
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    Other Earning Opportunity BPme Rewards

    Hi I've joined up to BP Rewards. Are you saying it was through joining BPme you were invited to join Hive? That sounds great - how long after you joined did you get the invite? Thanks
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    Banking Tide Account - Deposit £50 - Get £50 FREE (using code: FREE50)

    Hi. I'm new on this forum but found a code online that has not been mentioned here previously and this takes literally 5 mins to complete! Join Tide Bank and enter referral code: FREE50 and you will get £50 free cash added to your balance. You only need to deposit £50 in your account to...
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    Shares / Stocks Orca Investment App - similar to Trading 212 & Freetrade

    Thank you - don't know why I didn't see the button before!
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    Best app-based bank account?

    I joined Tide as I was tired of paying Barclays for my Business bank account. Amazing app and functionality and joining took all of about 5 minutes. They currently have an offer of FREE £50 cash if you use the code FREE50 when signing up. Probably the easiest £50 I've made :) and helped towards...
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    Question / Discussion How I earn over £300 a month - without matched betting!

    Thank you - I've just found this forum and joined & this post has lots of useful information to get through! Will follow it and see how I get on. Thanks
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    CashbackToday Referral World Remit - Free £20 when sending yourself £100

    Thank you for the details. Joined up earlier today - not sure I can remember who's referral code I used but one of you will get a bonus :) I also joined up to transferwise (or Wise) - that looks really good! They don't seem to have a very good referral scheme but the app itself is really good...
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    Bitcoin / Crypto Quantfury - Easy free crypto or share worth $10-$250

    I've literally spent the day joining up to a number of offers on this board. Joined up earlier to Quantfury and deposited litecoin which I think is one of the cheaper cryptos in relation to fees. I got a reward showing already in American Airlines which is not bad. Thank you for posting the details.
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    Banking CashApp Referral Offers

    Hi. Thanks. I joined up earlier today and the offer is indeed now £10. Thank you for the details. Not sure I can remember who's code I used but someone should get a bonus!
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    Bitcoin / Crypto Earnathon Referral Offers

    I'm new on this forum but I have just joined up... Thank you for providing the answers above. Made it much quicker for me. Not sure if anything will come of the token and whether we will ever be able to withdraw but it was very little effort to join up.
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    Shares / Stocks Orca Investment App - similar to Trading 212 & Freetrade

    Thanks Op. Hadn't heard of this app and have just joined up... Any ideas how long it takes to get your free share as I don't see anything showing yet...? I have completed the 3 trades as per joining criteria... Thx
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    Bitcoin / Crypto Earn up to 250 CHSB (~£50) on Swissborg Community

    Just joined up and got my free CHSB .... All 4 Euros worth I think. Better than nothing I guess :) They also have a separate community app - not sure it is listed here - which lets you guess whether you think the price of BTC will go up or down and you can win free CHSB. Will see if its posted...