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  1. robchoc

    Online / Offline Focus Groups Amazon preview

    I just signed up for Amazon preview after an email invite. Is anyone else on this and what are the rewards like? Here is part of the email: "As a member of Amazon Preview, you will: GET ACCESS to sneak peeks on what’s to come before wide-release BE HEARD by providing your opinions on a...
  2. robchoc

    Coronavirus Discussion COVID-19 Infection Survey (CIS)

    I have somehow managed to get myself on a covid testing survey by the office of national statistics that will last for a year. They come to your house and you have to take a covid test and then you get £50 then if you agree to continue they will come each week for one month and pay £25 and then...
  3. robchoc

    Passive Income Earner Honeygain - get paid for doing nothing

    Honeygain is a new passive income app available from the play store that runs on your phone. It says on the site that they will pay up to $50 a month. You earn 1 credit for 10MB of traffic that goes through you. So for 10GB you’ll earn 1USD. Use promo code gethoney for $5 credit! This is my...
  4. robchoc

    Sweepstakes/Competitions website

    Hi Everyone, hope you are all well. I have just created a website for free to enter competitions/sweepstakes. I do not run any of the competitions I just link to them. Would appreciate some feedback, please. Here is my URL:
  5. robchoc

    Money making apps

    I use the following Android apps to make money on my phone farm: Perk (10 phones) Cash Magnet (5 phones) Cheetah Keyboard (1 phone) VYPR (1 phone) Supervank (1 phone) What other apps do you use on your phones to make money?