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    Just bought the Nutella 400g for £1.49 from waitrose and got £1.50 cashback from CheckoutSmart and 40p from Topcashback. That's 41p profit. O yea now that's another reason to celebrate World Nutella Day.... You need to enter the code 15NTLA in the voucher code section of the app for the offer...
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    To buy or not to buy?

    Hi all; please has anyone used or uses a USB Key ring charger? Just how effective is it and any recommendations for my iPhone 6? I make use of my phone a lot throughout the day and need to have back up as my battery keeps draining out long before I return home in the evenings.
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    Stretching the Sterling!

    MMMM / M4: My Money Making Machine: whether I am making or saving money I sure am doing what any rational being should do isn't it? Surprisingly few years ago I wasn't like this. I was so so loyal to a particular supermarket and felt I was being done a favour when I moved house and my then...
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    February's Ferocious Target :£800

    I challenge myself to make this much from all my Money Making Machine as I love to call them: Field Agent; Streetspotr; Click & Walk; Streetbees; iPoll; Topcashback; Roamler*; CheckoutSmart; Shopitize; e.t.c. So far in January made roughly about £400 :D. I want to double this in February. All...