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  1. mikecmr

    LISA - Peoples view?

    just wondering how people feel about the LISA (lifetime ISA) just been looking into them and I like the idea in principle but theres something nagging me that my money is better elsewhere?
  2. mikecmr

    Microsoft rewards - Bing search engine

    now this will never get you rich quick but you can get a few points each day just by searching the net as you do, they throw a quiz and have certain things to click on which give you more points you need a Microsoft account for it to work and Bing to be...
  3. mikecmr

    More passive income ideas.....

    So I see everyone's goal really is to earn money, but mine is to do it while I am also asleep and doing other stuff (no better feeling to wakeup to money you have earnt overnight) So this is just an idea exchange of things to try, the ways I am currently doing this are Premium bonds P2P loans...
  4. mikecmr

    Emotion miner

    From what I can see, you watch some videos and apply which emotion they are trying to express? not sure how well paying it is as I have just signed up My referral, looks like you get 10% of any referral
  5. mikecmr

    Funding Circle

    Currently have a referral scheme going where if you invest £2000 i get £50 and you get £50 might not be for everyone as it is quiet a risky investment with no protection, but I'm currently getting a nice 8% back (this is where all my online earnings is now going) Enjoy lending through Funding...
  6. mikecmr

    Investment accounts

    Does anyone having history in these? I have started one up with the Halifax on high risk high return level, just wondered if anyone else has played with these?
  7. mikecmr

    anchor rewards club

    does anyone collect these codes I just tend to throw them away but will put them up here if anyone uses them?
  8. mikecmr

    Mortgage free before I'm 45!

    So I want to be mortgage free before I am 45! which now gives me 10 years, scary thought! Currently have only myself in the house which might change after meeting the 'one' (not matrix) and the only debt I have is the chain around the neck, mortgage! So my plan is to overpay by about the same...
  9. mikecmr

    edigital research - payout

    Hello all, just a quick post, I have hit payout stage I just wondered what I have to do? I have created an invoice but how do you actually get paid from these fellas?
  10. mikecmr

    amazon - 4 Home and Garden items for the price of 3 with Promo Code HNG4FOR3

    4 Home and Garden items for the price of 3 with Promo Code HNG4FOR3 How to Claim: 1.Add four of the selected Home and Garden items (each a “Qualifying Item”) to your Shopping Basket via the “Add to Basket” button. [See below on this page for the set of selected items] 2.When you’re done...
  11. mikecmr

    is it worth starting a blog?

    Hello all, I was thinking of starting a blog up yesterday I found a good domain name which says a lot about me and is funny. IS it actually worth setting one up though do you get a good return? I had a blogger site a while ago where I did technical posts to do with computers and have one topic...
  12. mikecmr

    take part in research

    hello all, Am I doing something wrong with this site? I have signed up and filled out my details and had 3 emails to sign up to an online community, which I have done but still heard nothing back. :( the form is on the right hand side of the description of the job anyone else having issues?
  13. mikecmr

    What do people cash out with?

    what is best do you think amazon vouchers or trusty paypal? I have been gaining lots of amazon vouchers, but then started doing opinion outpost who do paypal by default so i'm starting to turn more towards paypal now, what are peoples thoughts?