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    Matched Betting Question Betfair Same Game Multiple Offer - Have I done this right

    So I have done this offer today on the Southampton game. There were no minimum legs or odds, so I did Southampton to win and both teams to score. SMarkets wouldn't let me lay it as a multiple, so I laid them separately using £10 as my stake with a total loss of £1.58. Looking at it now, if...

    Matched Betting Question Smarkets Accumulator Question

    This is probably obvious, but as the Smarkets accumulators are no longer there (to use again boosts such as the William Hill and Sky Saturday boosts), how do you do a multiple. I went into Smarkets and clicked on the against (for Liverpool, Southampton and Bournemouth) to win tomorrow and it...

    Matched Betting Question Free Matched Betting Software

    Hi, I'm thinking about starting matched betting again, but to be honest I'm a bit reluctant to pay out for a monthly subscription, partly cause of lack of funds and partly cause I have been gubbed from quite a lot of bookmakers. If anybody could recommend any good free software, that would be...

    Career Change - Looking for Ideas for Permanent Job where I can do some work from home

    Hi all, hope noone minds me posting. I'm looking for a bit of inspiration, for my next step. I have been working for myself for the last 10 years and tbh I am ready for a change for various reasons, firstly (although this could be the case anyway), I'm sick of noone having my back and feeling so...

    Online / Offline Focus Groups PingPong (Think its a bit like Respondent)

    Hi, I have found out about this new market research app (think it is a bit like Respondent) on one of the student job websites and hae just joined up. Here is my referral link if anyone wants to join

    Matched Betting Discussion Just cancelled Oddsmonkey

    Cause its quiet at the moment and I will probably need the subscription money for other things. May still carry on doing a I bit of matched betting using online resources. Will still carry on with my daily risk free casino offers. What are other people doing? Its just that £150 for a year seems...

    Question / Discussion Does anyone do Voiceover work

    Starting to look into it as a possibility going forward. I am quite good at doing accents so it might work. Have received some info about a course. Wondering if anyone else had any experience.

    Missy Alessia Discount Code

    Hi, if anyone wants to get a discount at Missy Alessia, quote suzanne10 to get 10% off. Its one of those trendy websites, a bit like Boohoo and I saw it First. I got a really nice leopard print bodysuit the other day.

    Matched Betting Question Best Matched Betting Website

    Hi, Wondering if anyone could advise me please. I have been with OddsMonkey for just over a year, have a yearly subscription which expires in April. I like the website, but to be honest I cannot afford to update it on a yearly basis, especially for what I am managing to earn through matched...

    Other Earning Opportunity Does anybody freelance as a Copy Writer?

    Just wondering cause my various income streams aren't working that well at the moment and I need to investigate other options. Thanks

    Matched Betting Specific Offer Question / Info Help needed William Hill Golden Goal - Guaranteed Profit Method

    Hi, have decided to give this a go today. Have backed West Ham to win and understand that I can lay then not scoring the first goal at the exchange, cannot seem to find the market for doing this though on either Smarkets or Betfair. Any help on which market it is would be very much appreciated

    Matched Betting Discussion Number of offers per week

    Hi, still trying to get into the swing of things and getting there slowly but surely. Just got a couple of questions: 1. How many offers does everyone do on average a week, I know this can vary and have started to do at least one Extra Place offer a day, plus others. 2. Does anyone use the...

    Matched Betting Question Extra Place - Urgent Help Needed

    Help needed, I am just trying to get my head round extra place offers, using the odds monkey extra place matcher and following that. I am doing the following offer today: Nass 16.25 Paddy Power - Luke Short Back £20 (£10 each way) - Odds 11 Win Lay Betfair Exchange - Odds 15.50 - Lay 7.12...

    Bingo Port

    Hi, I have recently signed up with Bingo Port. Basically it is a website with lots of Bingo and Casino offers on it. In return for completing the offers you get Port Points which can be redeemed for vouchers, therefore making the offers closer to risk free. If anyone fancies joining, here is my...

    Paddy Power Power Up Question

    I have just done an odds monkey offer to qualify for a power up with Paddy Power. All fine, but when I put the stats into the calculator to work out much to lay it always says underneath that there is a loss , ie overall profit -1.24 or similar, As the idea is to make money, what is the secret...


    I did an offer earlier on today from Paddy Power, if I bet on the Yarmouth 2pm race, I would get a free power up. I did my first bet, was credited a power up and there was a power up listed. I laid it separately (didn't know what to do), but seem to have lost on all levels. My account is still...

    NBA Accumulator Question

    Hi, I am doing the NetBet offer where you place a treble accumulator on the NBA and get a free £5 bet. I have done the following accumulator: Miluwukee odds 1.09 Denver - odds 1.40 Philadelphia 1.26 Know I need to lay them sequentially, but not sure how to do it as NetBet are not listed in...

    Payment on Account

    Totally panicked, have just done my Tax Return for this year and have found out that in addition to paying my tax for this tax year, I have got to pay two payments on account, one in January, one in July. I am not much over the tax limit (only about £4,000) so this really isn't funny. Totally...

    Crisp Thinking Crisp Thinking

    Hi, Was just wondering if anyone works for any of the above please. Have seen something about Crisp Thinking on another forum but have never seen it mentioned on here. Also thinking about Lionbridge, does anyone know if they are recruiting please? Thanks

    Not making much money

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone is in the same boat. When I started matched betting (and finally got the hang of it), I already had most of the accounts advertising start up offers from previous attempts. I have very quickly got to the point where I am earning between £1 and £4 per reload offer. Is...