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    Other Earning Opportunity 2021 Census jobs

    May be of interest to some
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    Well somebody had to mention it. New all time high set this week
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    When was the last time you got a pay rise?

    When I joined the Money Shed four years ago: Populous surveys were paying up to £4 a survey. Today, they are still paying up to £4 Pinecone had just reduced their surveys to from 4 to £3. They are still paying £3 User testing paid $10 a test. They still pay $10 Roamler had lots of quick easy...
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    Bitcoin / Crypto review : $50 bonus + free spotify & free netflicks

    Here is my review of and the crypto app. If you just want the referral link for the $50 bonus the link is here I was always a bit sceptical of all things bitcoin but when prices dropped after Corona I decided to get a little bit involved. The...
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    Other Earning Opportunity Prolific Customer service rep job

    May be of interest to someone with a strong background with online customer service. A full time roll but says it can be done remotely.
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    Matched Betting Guide / Instructions Football Index - all about it

    This guide is sponsored by Homie’s Football Index Scout referral – Get £50 cash bonus when you sign up to Football index. Please see£50-cash-bonus-when-you-sign-up-to-football-index.11860/ for full details. I thought it was about time we had a...
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    Gambling Unibet £40 moneyback as a bonus + £40 cash

    Would anyone not already with Unibet like to have a go at the refer a friend sign up offer? Have to say it is a bit of an effort but should be worthwhile if you stick at it. Best suited to someone who already knows what they are doing with matched betting. 1st there is a £40 bonus if your first...
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    Question / Discussion Franchises

    This came up in the travel agent thread and made me think.... I dont think anyone has ever mentioned franchising on here before. Not that I remember anyway. I know its not usually work from home but there are loads of business franchise opportunities out there, the most famous being McDonalds...
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    Matched Betting Discussion Bingo RTP

    I've been trying to find out what the average RTP is for Bingo but can find very little information from the bingo sites themselves. Eventually I found this article on a website. I knew the RTP would be lower than slots but if this is correct, then it is substantially lower..... "The RTP on...
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    Matched Betting Specific Offer Question / Info Mint Dice - The bitcoin casino

    I've been wasting my time over the last 8 weeks on this - Now you can too! Mint dice is a new casino that operates using crypto currency. At the moment it is giving away bitcoin free to play on the casino. They have a very limited number of games at the moment, but what I like about it is the...
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    Just a random something for Halloween
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    Matched Betting Discussion New Commission structure on Betfair

    Thought this deserved its own thread. Betfair now have a new commission and reward structure. You should have received an email about it but its worth checking your account if not to check what level you are on and change it if necessary. This is good news for people gubbed from sportsbook...
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    Mystery Shopping Flavorwiki taste test

    Market research company Flavor Wiki are asking for people to taste test a new cadbury chocolate nut bar. Payment is £8 to paypal which includes having to buy one of the bars. You will need to do a quick survey to see if you qualify then they will give you the details of what you need to...
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    90p to One Million pounds challenge.

    Ok so the title is just a joke but I have 90p left in one of my gubbed accounts. I am going to put it on a series of short priced dead certs, accumulating the winnings onto the next bet each time. Let's see how far I can get! Bet 1: 3.35 York - Enable.
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    Prolific criminal trials for armed robbery survey

    Just a warning incase anyone sees the Criminal trials for armed robbery survey on Prolific. It pays £4.50 but halfway through there is a 40 minute audio file you have to listen to that can't be skipped. I abandoned it after a few minutes as it seemed a bit barge poley and there was no indication...
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    Cashback savings this weekend

    Couple of offers from Quidco and Topcashback this weekend. Topcashback have £2.5 extra cashback when you spend £10 or more in any of their partners. Quidco have numerous individual offers but the one that caught my eye is ebay cashback upped to 3% from 1% for today only. Extra bonus for new...
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    Royal Mail - Credit where its due

    We are all quick enough to criticize companies when they mess up so thought I would give a bit of credit to Royal Mail for their customer service. Back in February I sold some lego to a guy in Italy. All well and good until 6 weeks later I got an email from him saying he still hadn't received...
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    MyHermes price rises

    Most will already know this but just a heads up that myherpes have changed their pricing structure and increased prices. Big price rise for things over 1KG. They sent me an email today announcing their prices will rise from 1st April. Perhaps they didnt want to send it on the 1st in case anyone...
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    My risk free casino - Final end of year report

    End of year report This is week 52 marking a full year and the end of my risk free casino diary. Firstly, thanks to everyone who has been following and contributing to the thread. My full year total is £480.14 That's £480.14 of free money I didn't have before, so why am I disappointed? I was...
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    2 competitions to enter on Saturdays

    If you normally do horses on saturdays then don't forget to enter the ITV and Racing Post pick 7 competitions for a chance to win up to £50,000. The odds of winning are very high but it is free to enter so you might as well. You will need a William Hill account for Racing Post Lucky 7 and Sky...