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    Win £1042 by switching your energy bill!

    Chance to win £1042 when you switch with energyhelpline until midnight 30th November! Anyone who switches online OR over the phone will be automatically entered. Here's their online link: And their phone number is: 0800 074 0745 Worth a shot if you're...
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    Question / Discussion Working on getting more click throughs from Instagram

    thanks for posting! useful for my friend who just set up an instgram for her home business
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    Can Anyone Recommend a Route Planner App That Is Free?

    have you tried waze? I've never tried to add that many stops but it's so good for normal driving too, has real time driver reports of police, camera's, objects in roads etc
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    Olio - Free Sharing App (Food and Home Items)

    Does this work like a delivery service or is there collection points for food etc?
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    Other Earning Opportunity Etsy help

    I agree with the above comment about google search - I'm in marketing and companies pay hundreds of thousands of pounds to rank on google search. If you consider what people will search when looking for something similar to what you're selling, make sure you litter those words into both the...
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    Is there something wrong with me?

    Honestly switching energy supplier (if you do it online) takes so little time - if you use a comparison site they do the whole switch for you, you dont need to notify your supplier of your switch or anything. you just need to put things like your postcode etc in first but that takes very little...
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    Energy bills - are Utility Warehouse any good?

    I haven't used UW personally, but if you go on any comparison site, you can normally see a star rating next to each supplier. This will give you the best idea of customer feedback on that supplier, alongside trustpilot as you mention above.
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    What have you won today?

    There seems to be quite a few wins from twitter on this thread - I think I will start entering comps there as my constant instagram and facebook entries haven't gotten me anywhere yet!
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    Win £100 M&S voucher

    Found this quiz to win a £100 M&S voucher. It's about half way down the page and seems like a high chance to win. Link below