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    Answer a Question & Ask a Question!

    Seen this idea on a few forums and thought it might be fun! Basic idea is that you answer the previous poster's question, and then post your own :) So I'll start us off... What's your favourite meal?
  2. J

    Dieting & Losing Weight

    Anyone else trying to lose weight at the moment? Fancy swapping tips and goals? I could always do with another motivational buddy or five! I'm 4 stone down and counting, using the MyFitnessPal app. (It's a free app for those who don't know, that logs calories and exercise). I haven't been in...
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    Pita bread... what do you have in yours?!

    Trying to think of interesting things to do with pita breads, since we have a freezer full at the moment (they were reduced!) I've done cheese and onion, cheese and pickle, cheese and baked bean (that worked surprisingly well, actually!) and southern fried chicken & salad so far... On a budget...