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    Win £10k of stocks/shares (closes 7th May)

    eTorro are offering the chance to win one of 5 lots of £10k to invest to advertise their launch of 0% commission on stocks. The first three prizes go to those who have referred the most people, but 2 are for random entrants. Enter here: T&C's...
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    £4300 holiday prize with Holiday Pirates

    Holiday Pirates is a free to use newsletter with deals for city breaks, package holidays, flights etc. They're running a comp to win a £4300 holiday by signing up to their newsletter here: Good luck!
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    Banking Money Dashboard Referrals

    This is a long-burner which may come to nothing, but may very well be worth a punt given how easy it is... Hopefully a few of you have heard of Money Dashboard. By providing read-only access to your financials it categorises your spending helping you keep an eye across several accounts and...
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    HQ Quiz App

    Hi all, New-ish app for you all where you can win some money. HQ is a daily, live hosted quiz that runs via the app at 3pm (weekdays) and 9pm GMT (possibly other times too in the US). It's 12 questions, with 3 possible answers and 10 seconds to answer each. If you get a question wrong you're...
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    Anyone had a kitchen installed lately (scrap metal)

    Hi all, Bit of a weird one for you, but I'm having a new kitchen installed on Monday. Does anyone know if kitchen fitters expect to take home the metal parts (think door handles, hinges, hobs etc) as some sort of 'tip' to cash in their scrap value? I ask as I had some plumbing work done lately...
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    Win your gym fees for a year

    Bodyscan, a company offering DEXA body composition scans, are running a comp where you can win a year's gym fees (up to £130pcm). Check it out here if you want to give me an extra entry or here if you don't.
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    Automated saving & investing via bots and apps (Oval app)

    Hi all, Has anyone looked into using Apps or Bots for automated saving &/or investing? I've used OnTrees before to get an overview of my accounts, but not used the budget feature yet. In the last few months I've started using (']Oval which aims to 'help you monitor...
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    TopCashBack USA - eBay Tactic + Xmas Treats

    Hi all, Xmas Treats USA I set up a google alert for TCB UK's Xmas Treats (which surely must be coming right?) as I always miss the first day. I was surprised to see that TCB USA are running their own version which started yesterday, I believe (Gap & Bloomingdales are the clues so far). I was...
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    Rafflemao - Monthly free lottery

    Hey guys, I've found a site called Rafflemao. Enter your email to grab a ticket then check back every 7hrs to get another one. The prize currently stands at £200 dished out monthly. My referral code if anyone would like it: Thanks, IIFTM
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    Big Free Giveaway

    Big Free Giveaway- a weekly raffle where you earn a ticket by logging in each day. The jackpot is shared (in declining proportions) across the 10 winners. Standard referral options; mine if you would like it: IIFTM
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    Hi all, Yet another Free Lottery (plus they've listed some others on their site): As usual they've got a referral policy, so here's mine: IIFTM
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    Hi gang, Another free lottery site: Use my referral code if you'd like: IIFTM
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    Curious App - Win £100 a day by answering one Yes/No question

    Hi all, This app is brand new (launched on Friday), so the chances of winning are still really good :D Time to swamp it with TMS'ers and take home the £! The Curious app is in a similar vein to Raffler, but no adverts, just anonymously answer a Yes/No question, and get entered into a draw to...
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    Bank Switching- Incentives (bribes) and referrals

    Hi guys, I can't see a thread on here about earning something extra via switching banks, so I thought I'd start one. I appreciate this would be seen as far too much work for most people; although there are some articles out there in the mainstream press that have some pretty promising tales of...