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  1. Jon

    Big Data As A Service: Your Complete Guide In 2021

    The world revolves around digital technology nowadays, especially with the rise of computers, mobile devices, and big data. There are tons of information being generated, processed, accessed, and analysed every second, owing to the automation and artificial intelligence of various software...
  2. Jon

    Question / Discussion Gig Economy ruling So the high court has today ruled that Gig economy workers at the likes of Uber / Deliveroo etc are actually employees instead of self employed - So they qualify for sickpay / holiday...
  3. Jon

    Other Earning Opportunity Work

    Good afternoon, I hope this finds you well. We have a Speech Collection project in place I would like to invite you to participate. The task requires British English native speakers to read through a large number (400+) of short, pre-constructed sentences or answer simple questions. If you...
  4. Jon

    Happy Christmas y'all

    Hope you all have a nice Christmas. It's been a hell of a year, none of it has been what we expected or planned but we're all here and alive so that's one in the win column! Make the best of what you can tomorrow and before we know it New Years and more places in Tier 4 will be here!
  5. Jon

    How To Save Money With Online Freebies

    We all like to feel as though we’ve snagged ourselves a bargain. Whether it’s free spins playing slots online, a great discount, or a loyalty reward, these offers are a great way to help us save money online. But as anyone who’s ever opened a pop-up telling them they’ve just won a new iPhone...
  6. Jon

    Question / Discussion Is this the biggest year for people starting their own business?

    I swear it is you know! We have the likes of @rich110991 and @amyjay doing amazing numbers each month with their own creations. I've been able to create a 'content mill' service out of nothing but sheer panic that I had naff all money coming in and no government help to boot! I've just seen...
  7. Jon

    Most Entertaining Travel Destinations in Europe

    Autumn is finally here, which means vacation time is behind us. After relaxing on the beach and enjoying your free time, you are expected to go back to your office and focus on the daily grind and the numerous goals that need to be met. But even your boss can’t stop you wandering off in your...
  8. Jon

    Other Earning Opportunity How to make fast money online in 2020

    Many people are assessing their online options when it comes to making a living or earning a bit of extra cash these days. Some people have turned their attention to streaming, others are selling handmade products online, alongside those of us who might make an extra bit of cash teaching online...
  9. Jon

    Smartphone Apps Get £20 Amazon Voucher and then £10 every month with Ipsos MORI inCompass

    Short and easy one for you today MediaCell+ is an easy to use app that sits on your smartphone while detecting what is being played / watched in the background when it comes to your TV and radio listening habits. Not only that but it is also clever to monitor the websites you are visiting on...
  10. Jon

    Anyone else find selling on eBay an absolute chore?

    I've been selling a few I suppose what you would call high-value items recently (£100+) and I put them on ebay for a 7 days auction and then get endless stupid questions or people asking me to cut the price down to a ridiculous level and so I more often than not end up just listing the thing on...
  11. Jon

    Question / Discussion Which side hustles would you recommend for someone who’s starting out?

    What would you say are the easiest ways to earn online that people should use when they are starting out? The obvious one would be surveys but I would say a lot of people find them demotivating so they just throw in the towel and so apps like Roamler, bemyeye etc might be a better thing for...
  12. Jon

    Matched Betting Specific Offer Question / Info Gambling vs Crypto

    The crypto has been gaining popularity since a decade ago. Some online gambling sites have adopted it as payment methods in addition to the traditional method. Gambling can be compared with the crypto market in some ways. Apart from both having a close banking connection, they both involve some...
  13. Jon

    Coronavirus Discussion Anyone waiting for Coronavirus refunds?

    Anyone had to apply for refunds because of Coronavirus? I'm due a few thousand back from Virgin Atlantic which according to them I'm not going to get back until some time in November because of their 120 DAYS MAXIMUM refund policy. Apart from that, I'm generally been OK but I've seen folk...
  14. Jon

    Olio - Free Sharing App (Food and Home Items)

    I've recently been wondering where things like Freecycle have migrated to from that day when that service used to be on Yahoo Groups! It seems things have changed in how unwanted items are now shared and it seems to be via apps like Olio You download the app from Google Play / App Store and...
  15. Jon

    Transcribe Work NEW Speech collection project (Scottish or Welsh accent)

    Could it be that time of year again!!! Keep and eye on your inbox as TeamworkAI sent me the following this morning As part of our crowd, we like to keep you updated on new opportunities which suit your profile. We started a new Speech Collection project and we are looking for Welsh or...
  16. Jon

    Question / Discussion What makes someone a success when it comes to earning online?

    I've seen quite a lot of people posting on here over the years saying that they aren't making as much as others or they don't understand why they are only earning pennies compared to others Generally, I can't think of one opportunity that's discussed on TMS that anyone else can't do. Yes, you...
  17. Jon

    Coronavirus Discussion So how we do think education is going to work with Coronavirus?

    There is a good article on the BBC News site today about how Universities are going to work moving forward In summary, it seems they don't really know. Obviously freshers week is going to be very different but I don't get how they can have students...
  18. Jon

    TMS Exclusive Offer Content Conga - Total Content Solutions for your Website

    Content Conga is a new service I have launched to help people who run (or want to run!) a website or blog and are looking for someone else to produce the content for them. With VERY reasonable prices on offer we can produce anything from a 500 word blog post through to a full on 2000 word...
  19. Jon

    Question / Discussion FREE Domains available via LCN

    Helping small businesses get online is at the heart of everything we do here at LCN. Our goal is to cut the jargon and make creating and publishing a website a realistic prospect for everyone. We don’t think you should have to rely on a third-party designer just to have an online presence. But...
  20. Jon

    Coronavirus Discussion Coronavirus Jobs!

    Not online earning as such but you have to apply online! This is what was being pushed yesterday, if you fancy working as a fruit / veg picker for a few months (maybe while you are furloughed ) - Roles available all over the UK!