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  1. Queen Jess

    Utility Company Good Energy - anyone want to refer me?

    I want to switch to Good Energy and I notice they have a referral scheme where both of us get £50. Does anyone use them and want to refer me?
  2. Queen Jess

    Passive Income Earner FX Scams - Beware

    There are so many FX scams out there at the moment (and indeed many others). Unfortunately scams are even bigger at the moment whilst interest rates are so low and Covid is taking its toll. The majority of the FX scams rely upon word of mouth recommendations/sign up "commissions" etc to...
  3. Queen Jess


    In the last few days my alerts number at the top of the site seems to be a bit odd. Every time I click on the homepage it flashes up with 1 alert which then disappears straight after once the page has loaded. I had two real alerts and clicked on one. The other one then disappeared from the...
  4. Queen Jess

    Question / Discussion Is there anyone on here already earning a part time salary blogging?

    Hi - I just wondered if there was anyone already on here who was earning a part-time salary (or more!) blogging? I'm wondering whether it's like one of those startup business statistics where the vast majority of people fail!
  5. Queen Jess

    Question / Discussion Blogging - too much out there?

    I'm just entertaining the thought of starting a blog and probably in the personal finance type area. Thing is, I feel like this area is already well and truly saturated and not sure what else I would be bringing to the party really. Also not sure I would actually be any good at it, but that's...
  6. Queen Jess

    Question / Discussion Proofreading websites

    I don't have any proofreading experience, but I am that person who actually winces every time I see someone with the wrong "there" or amusing mistakes in their website blogs etc (yes I am even looking at you @Jon ). I would love to earn a bit of cash proofreading people's websites/articles...
  7. Queen Jess

    Switching gas/electricity

    Does anyone continually switch gas/electricity to get cheaper prices? I switched about 4 years ago to Ecotricity because I was sick of really poor customer service and didn't mind if it cost a bit more. However, now it costs quite a bit more and so I could save a fair whack by switching to...
  8. Queen Jess

    Survey network - BEWARE!

    I signed up with Survey network to see what they were like. When I log into my account online it forces you to complete various profile information before you can click anything else on the site (including cash out, unsubscribe, delete account etc). However, their page has an error so as soon...
  9. Queen Jess

    Instagc Survey earnings... £0.02 / hour!

    I was flicking through all my survey sites considering which ones I should cull this month and noticed that there was a "hot" survey on one of the Instagc walls paying 1 point for 16 mins... so yes, that is £0.02 an hour! Really?!!! Is anyone doing that?! Shocking..
  10. Queen Jess

    Selling unwanted gift cards

    Does anyone know anywhere reliable/good to sell unwanted gift cards? I only know about Zeek, but they never seem to be accepting any of the gift cards I have!
  11. Queen Jess

    Mortgages - a bit of a con?!

    I'm relatively new to the world of mortgages and not really had any debt before, but it seems to me that the world of mortgages is one that is unfair and rigged substantially in the favour of the financial institutions. I understand that lending people money is risky (different risks for...
  12. Queen Jess

    Has anyone got any of the "challenger" bank accounts?

    I'm just interested to see what people think. I am tempted to open one just to see what they are like (not for my main salary or anything, just to have a bit of a play... I like gadgets and new fangled things to play with). Anyone love or hate them?
  13. Queen Jess

    Kitchen corner storage

    A bit of a random one, but I moved into a house with a new kitchen already fitted 3 years ago. It has a blind top corner cupboard which really annoys me because I only really use the one cupboard and not the blind half of it as I can't see anything in it. The bottom corner cupboard has a...
  14. Queen Jess

    Foreign currency coins

    I was sorting through my drawers and have a large pile of US coins which I am unlikely to use and have been sat around for years. I never bothered exchanging them as I thought it probably wouldn't be worth it, but I do want to get rid of them. Anyone got any suggestions for best places to...
  15. Queen Jess

    Question for stay at home mums and dads out there

    Just having a major wobble (or mid life crisis!) and wondering if I could ever afford to be not working at all or only working part time. Is anyone out there a stay at home mum and dad just doing bits of money earning in the evening once the kids are asleep? What kind of earnings are you...
  16. Queen Jess

    Anyone used a veg trug?

    I want to grow some of my own veg, but don't really have any garden space to do it. I was thinking of getting a veg trug for the patio and wondered if anyone had used them and if they were any good? I know they are a bit expensive, but have birthday, xmas etc coming up and might put it on my...
  17. Queen Jess

    Slow cooker?

    I love to cook from scratch, but don't have much time (and particularly in the week). I also work from home half the week, so although I don't have time to cook in the evening, I often have time in the morning or at lunch. I was considering buying a slow cooker so I can still have nice food...
  18. Queen Jess

    When did you monetize?

    I have not yet monetized my site with advertising as I want to try and build people up first, but I was wondering when everyone decided to start monetizing their blogs. Did you wait for a specific number of regular users or start from day 1?
  19. Queen Jess

    Office politics

    Is there a key to being able to work in an office but avoid office politics?! I would love to know, but fear that either you have to play or leave.
  20. Queen Jess

    Sharing who you are at work

    This might sound strange, but we are required at work to run a big meeting and in it the people running it always put up photos of themselves and talk about what they like doing and their families etc. Apparently, my turn is coming up and although I have no desire to run it or stand in front of...