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  1. Sherliarty

    Question / Discussion cryptocurrency apps

    Does anyone know of any reputable cryptocurrency apps? I would like to buy and hold some.
  2. Sherliarty

    Matched Betting Question Team Casino Website

    Has anyone tried this? It's from the people that do team profit and it aims to help people make money from low risk casino offers. It's subscription based but I wonder if it is can actually deliver what they say.
  3. Sherliarty


    Has anyone heard of this company or have any experience? This is their website if you want to take a look. I might have a go as am trying lots of different websites to try and diversify my online income. I haven't even registered yet just wanted to see if anyone...
  4. Sherliarty

    Best credit card for points or cash back?

    I think I have had enough of Tesco Clubcard points, they used to be very useful but now I struggle to find anything I want to spend them on so I think its time to jump ship and get another credit card. I normally pay off my credit card each month so I am not too worried about interest rates...
  5. Sherliarty

    The modsquad

    Has anyone ever heard or worked for the modsquad? I heard about it via a youtube video and took a look. It's a little vague on details and beyond things like we want passionate and enthusiastic people (which is lovely), there are few specifics on skills or qualifications or in fact a detailed...
  6. Sherliarty

    Youtube and taxes, a question

    My daughter has a youtube account that she originally set up for fun but in the last year, it has made over the £1000 trading allowance so I have been told she has to submit a self assessment form. This is fine and hopefully the channel will become a long term money maker for her!!! But my...
  7. Sherliarty

    Applike - earn while playing games

    So I have had this running on my phone for a few weeks and earning £1 via paypal plus have another £1 to redeem when I get round to it. You can also opt for giftcards. Not much I know but it does pay and so far doesn't seem to cause any problems on my phone. Basically, once downloaded it suggest...
  8. Sherliarty

    Lucky Leftovers app

    This is an app I have been using over the last few months, it's a bit of fun. Basically the lucky leftovers app allows you to enter a bunch of competitions for various prizes ranging from vouchers to headphones to tickets, you enter by using the leftover text messages from your monthly...
  9. Sherliarty

    The Raffler app

    Another daily free draw, the difference is that you have to download the app - raffler - which is available both for android and apply phones. you watch an advert daily then you get entered free. The jackpot is £1000 but this can grow. My referral code is 5wXvnB. We both get £100 added...
  10. Sherliarty


    Has anyone heard or used this App before? It works along the same lines as sites like Swagbucks but in mobile app form. You can do offers, app downloads, watch videos and do surveys. They give random free points now and again, and do a quiz every day for points too. I have managed to...