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    Smartphone Apps Robson app $25 p/h

    A new job has been added to the app. I have only ever completed one task for this crowd but was paid for it and all was ok. Payment through Paypal. Not sure if I will attempt this on but seems easy enough if you have a partner willing to talk rubbish to you for 5 hours. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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    Lionbridge Lionbridge Linguistic Annotation Project:

    For those who might be interested. Unfortunately, I didn`t pass the entry exam :( My name is Jose Ramirez and I am a Sourcing Specialist at Lionbridge AI. I found your contact information on WorkMarket platform and am contacting you because I think that our annotation project for English...
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    Transcribe Work speech recording Neevo

    I came across another site that does speech recordings for AI. Only just signed up so haven't started, read a text record it on their app, very similar to the isoftstone project only not as well paid or as many recordings. shouldn`t take too long to complete for a quick £20. 2 projects- 230...
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    Call centre data collection @ TranscribeMe

    Just got this by email. Doesn't apply to me as my accent isn't listed. Don't know anything else about the project so please don't ask. Hopefully useful to done of you. Join our voice data project! Call centre data collection We have a new opportunity coming up that requires us to...
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    Matched Betting Discussion sign-ups using topcashback account

    I have just been told you can do some of the betting account sign-ups through your topcashback website and double your income stream at once. Has anyone else done this successfully?
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    Does anyone have a shopify dropship/ e- commerce website?
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    Smartphone Apps Making use of spare phones

    Just wondering about this. Did a clear out and now I have 2 spare phones. One Apple the other android. What applications / software could I run on them to make a passive income will little effort? Just keeping it on and charged. I know most people here have multiple phones. Any...
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    Teach online no qualifications required!!

    CAMBLY: I thought I would share another online teaching gig after seeing the blog Jon posted the other day. As a matter of fact, I actually work for Education First (EF) in the adult department and highly recommend them. This company is called “Cambly” they offer conversation practise with...