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    Here's Your Chance To Win £100 M&S Vouchers In Time For Christmas

    Sign up to receive our free monthly KalliKids newsletter and you could win £100 M&S vouchers in time for Christmas in one of our prize draws! As you may already know I am now part of a new company called KalliKids. KalliKids is a free online service for parents letting you all know all about...
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    moving house and in need of serious help!!!

    As some of you already know, we will be moving house in the next few weeks, and I am in need of serious help, as I need to get my hands on all of the following as soon as possible and as cheaply as possible and I don't really know quite where to start! Where is the best place to buy paint...
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    Question About Invoicing

    When you are working for a company on a self employed basis and you are invoicing them for payment on a monthly basis, legally how long do they then have to pay you? Just asking because when I have done virtual assistant work in the past, I have always been paid straightaway, as soon as I put...
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    What's the silliest thing you've ever done that's lost you money?

    Just asking because, I've just realised, todayI've bought a daysaver bus ticket for £4.10, then somehow forgot I just bought a daysaver bus ticket, got off the bus and chucked the ticket in the bin thinking it was just a normal bus ticket! So, I have paid £4.10 for a bus journey that only...
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    UK Sales Agent - Work From Home Commission Only Job Opportunity (not MLM)

    If you've been following my story you may remember that I was recently offered a commission only job as the UK sales agent for a Rotterdam based fashion jewellery designer. I decided the job wasn't for me, however, I have just been talking to the designer and he has asked me if I will help him...
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    Smartphone Apps Task Rabbit

    I just tried to sign up to Task Rabbit but they rejected me because I don't have an iPhone or an Android phone I do have a smartphone but it's a Windows one :( I would be interested in hearing if anyone has done any work for them and what your experience has been and what your earnings are...
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    I cant update my money earning diary?

    The 'reply' button on the thread seems to have gone AWOL?
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    How best to handle friends who earn more than you?

    I seem to be running into a few situations recently where friends earning more than us - in some cases a lot more - is becoming an issue and I was just wondering what other people's thoughts are on the subject. Scenario 1 - what should have been a pleasant day out with a friend and my daughter...
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    free entry to the irish lottery

    If anyone buys closer the TV listings magazine there is an insert for a free entry in the Irish lottery in this weeks edition :) well worth filling in and posting off, you never know! :D
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    I've just signed up with this company, anyone heard of them/done any work for them? This is what it says about them on their website:- Sooqini is the UK's largest task concierge with 20,000 members. We are one-stop business and personal task solution for small businesses. They often need...
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    Has anyone heard of/got involved with this? It's an affiliate marketing programme I think
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    Anyone worked for CallCatcherz before?

    Has anyone come across this company before? Are they worth applying to? Not sure I like the idea of having to pay for training :( When you have thoroughly read the below and wish to go ahead simply apply directly at This will enable us to give you an admissions...
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    Woman On A Mission To Earn An Extra £500 A Month!!!!

    OK, I am putting it out there, I am a woman on a mission to earn an extra £500 a month!!!! As some of you already know, my partner and I have been plagued by low wages and underemployment for years and it is killing us. After another big row about money during which my partner threatened to...
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    Where to look for online and work from home jobs

    Where does everyone look for online and work from home jobs? I mostly look on Gumtree, Working Mums and Indeed. And The Money Shed of course! :)
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    Sales Agent

    So...I got offered a job...but unfortunately, it's not the right job for me, so I've turned it down..but I told them I would share the details with my contacts just in case anyone I knew wanted to apply for the role. The company is and they are looking for UK sales agents and...
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    Cheap ways to eat out

    Has anyone found any clever ways to eat out on the cheap, other than mystery shopping the restaurant? We go to Wetherspoons and also look out for early bird deals
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    Pure Content

    Pure Content have asked me to take their proofreading test too :) has anyone got any tips for the test? Also what are they like to work for?
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    Home Based Recruitment Consultant

    I had my second interview for this job today, just waiting to hear if I get offered it or not, thought I would share in case anyone else is interested in applying for it. In the ad it says you need recruitment experience but I haven't got any, you would need experience of working in a sales...
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    Mystery Shopping [OT] edigitalresearch - YES YOU ACCEPT MORE THAN 6!

    I've just had an email to say I've been accepted by edigitalresearch as an e - mystery shopper :) has anyone done any work for them before and what sort of thing is involved and how much do you get paid for assignments? Also how do you find out about assignments, do they just email you or do you...
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    Ipsos Mori Telephone Interviewers Work From Home

    I thought this would be perfect for me but alas, when I phoned up, I was offered an interview but you have to attend a two day interview and assessment process in London :( but for anyone who's in or near London it might work out ok, details are on Gumtree if anyone's interested