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  1. Annie Beau

    Make money selling low content books on Amazon

    I've got three journals up at the moment... Zero sales. But tbh I lost interest more or less as soon as the first one was published ... Just a case of "yay look what I've done"... Looks to be too much of the journal stuff readily available in B and m and aldi etc..
  2. Annie Beau

    Poundland items on eBay?

    Might be worth joining one of the pound land fb groups to see what people are excited about. Last year they were going mad for ornamental hares.. Some of the Disney tote bags are only available for a short time.. Might be worth grabbing a handful of the ones people are looking for on the fb...
  3. Annie Beau

    Question / Discussion UK Wholesale eBay Course?

    Have a look at Nic and Andrea Hills on Facebook and You Tube. Nic used to run a really good facebook group but its closed now and there hasn't been a similar one since.
  4. Annie Beau

    Smartphone Apps Shepper

    Lottery checks on today, £3.
  5. Annie Beau

    registering a tradmark

    Just to add though, absolute spot of genius by the person who has registered the original, looks like a private individual going by the address and the phrase is a widely used Mancunian phrase, now embraced by the local media thanks to Oasis.
  6. Annie Beau

    registering a tradmark

    Thank you SO much for taking the time to get this info for me, thanks to your husband too. I think Ill leave it as I was planning to use it for commercial purposes Print on Demand).
  7. Annie Beau

    registering a tradmark

    Thanks. Really interesting.. Especially the part where I'll need consent from someone with a similar trademark. Can't really see the person who owns a similar phrase allowing it. All that will happen is they'll say ooh never thought of that.. No I don't consent and actually l will register it myself
  8. Annie Beau

    registering a tradmark

    How do I go about registering a trademark? (apart going on and clicking 'register').. is it really so simple? Ive don't a search on the give site and its not registered or pending application and looks like its probably around 130 quid......anything I should know?
  9. Annie Beau

    Smartphone Apps Shepper

    One of the store managers told me that shortly all the terminals were being updated... Something about zero carbon footprint. Hopefully that's something that can be a project
  10. Annie Beau

    Appen [OT] Appen Work Opportunities

    I've had that email about not completing the weekly surveys even though I have been. I can't he arsed with this anymore but I've only got £11 in Payoneer and the withdrawal is approx 50.
  11. Annie Beau

    Question / Discussion Blog post image sizes

    I had loads of problems with this when I had a blog. It was the most time consuming aspect..even with a responsive template the images would look different sizes on the homepage with the list of latest posts and the "read more". Nightmare
  12. Annie Beau

    [OT] Mystery Shopping

    Associah have some cinema audits at £12 a go... announced visit, you go over the weekend on the given dates and count the number of people in the cinema during the adverts prior to the film start then leave. £12 fee,
  13. Annie Beau

    Mortgage Free By 40!!!
  14. Annie Beau

    Mortgage Free By 40!!!

    You seem quite nifty with the design-based stuff have you looked into KDP? Amyjay's KDP diary is on this forum, worth a look into if you're earning on Redbubble it'll probably be quite easy for you
  15. Annie Beau

    Mortgage Free By 40!!!

    well done with redbubble... ive earned a huge three quid on it, tbf i uploaded some designs which I crested when I first heard of it , forgot about it until I saw your post. Is your income from there over a range of items or just tees / hoodies?
  16. Annie Beau

    Other Earning Opportunity U Test have a project CCTV clips of home deliveries

    .... I dont have a CCTV as I have three dogs who make a racket if someone is within a mile radius of the door. But, this may be of use to some of ya's! This cycle is for indoor and outdoor security or doorbell camera owners who will...
  17. Annie Beau

    Lionbridge [OT] Telus International / Lionbridge Work Opportunities

    Anyone still on the SRT ad rating? Have you had a complicated email about the interface, saying you can set up new groups on it? I have NO idea what it is about. @rich110991 got this?
  18. Annie Beau

    Creative Fabrica - free and cheap designs for POD

    Never really bothered with this much before but over the weekend I signed up for a free account with Creative Fabrica to grab a few KDP interiors to get started with. Got an email about freebies.. its well worth checking if you want to do POD for Etsy or KDP , loads of free templates and...
  19. Annie Beau

    Make money selling low content books on Amazon

    Anyone who reads this thread and eiither attempts to create a book, gets pissed off with it and bins the idea OR thinks 'I don't think I can do it'...Ive spent nearly a week faffing about . Then I discovered Creative Fabrica and used it with Canva. First book now in review and its not too bad...
  20. Annie Beau

    Make money selling low content books on Amazon

    What category would you select for planners/organisers? Just a general one, not like a maternity one for instance