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    Debenhams - Friends and Family Discount

    Hi, I got a code sent to me for shopping at Debenhams website this weekend for a friends and family private sale which offers 20% off women's, men's and home (code is NZ94) and 15% off beauty, fragrance and skincare (code is VM23). I don't plan on using them, so just thought I would share in...
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    Any ideas how to save money when booking a holiday?

    Hi All, I'm about to book quite an expensive holiday for a special occasion. I wondered if anyone had any tips to save money on flights/accommodation etc. I thought about taking a credit card out to get air miles (obviously I would pay it off) but not sure it is worth it particularly as some...
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    Hi, On a facebook group I am on I was informed that a new app is launching on the 4th March called Smartspotter. I've not tried this yet, but the post states "SmartSpotter UK allows you to earn money by visiting the places you go everyday! Join today and be the first to find out our new...
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    Placed First Bet

    Hi All, I've finally decided to have a go at this and placed my first bet. I'm not going to lie, I found it quite difficult, but mainly due to my stupid internet browser and card refusing to go through on each site. Fortunately, that's all resolved now. I can definitely see that once you know...
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    Hi, I was signing up for a mystery shopper account and noticed that because I would be classed as self-employed that I would be liable for any legal action brought against me. I can't imagine in what circumstances this may apply, but I just wondered - has anyone taken any type of insurance out...
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    Busy day tomorrow

    My first proper day full of mystery shopping! Hope it goes well!
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    Voice Recording App

    Hi All, Does anyone use a voice recording app for mystery shopping calls? I used the one provided with the system, but it failed on the third call (after working on the first two calls) and I wondered if anyone used an app to record, or if the voice recorder function on the phone is...
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    First mystery shop

    Hi All, Just done my first mystery shop - not going to get rich as only reimbursed the meal, but really enjoyed it! I would definitely do it again, just got to keep my eye out for more assignments! Leah
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    Newbie here - top tip?

    Hi all, I have just joined here - and have to say I wish I had discovered this place years ago! What is everyone's top tip to starting the income generation journey?