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    Virgin Trains

    Hi, Sorry if this is in the incorrect place. I have a code for 25% off Virgin Trains that I will not use. If anyone would like it, please let me know and i will PM it to you. Must be used by 30th June 2018.
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    ios versus android

    Definatly Android. After switching, I will never go back to IOS
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    Surveys [OT] Swagbucks - Get paid to search the web, take surveys and more.

    I often find I complete nearly all of a survey and then it cuts out and just gives me 1SB :(
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    Wuntu is great. For Valentine's day I managed to get a personalised card for 89p and Thornton personalised chocolate plaque. It's worth remembering to check it on Wednesdays though as sometimes they have offers that go quick.
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    What is the most unusual way that you have made money?

    I used old jars, decorated them and made my own hot chocolate gift sets with marshmallows and sold them. Worked well but really only demand at Christmas time.
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    Smartphone Apps Vypr - The Quick Survey App

    Thanks very much for this, never heard of the app! My phone is going to be full of apps ha
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    Other Referrals Simply Cook

    Thanks for the code, Will give it a try :)
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    What stops first time Mystery Shoppers taking that leap!

    The good thing with apps rather than mystery shopping sites is that you don't (usually) have to make a purchase. Sometimes I haven't done mystery shopping assignments because of the initial cost and waiting a month to get the money back.
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    What TV shows are you fine folks all watching at the moment?

    Deep State, Thursday's at 9pm on FOX is worth a watch.