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  1. unicornrider

    Funding the Unicorn

    So it's January 2022 now - I hit my £3k target for last year well within the time frame so that was good as sadly I suffered burnout in December. I am still processing it all and it's not great but hey ho. My job changed so much after Brexit that it's basically 2 x the work for no more pay. It...
  2. unicornrider

    Geoff’s diary

    All sounds good, it's nice to here about the different ideas. Keep on it!
  3. unicornrider

    Richie Rich's Diary

    @rich110991 you are one of my favourite Shedders, I have really enjoyed following your story. I also like how you have shared how hard it is too. You are an inspiration.
  4. unicornrider

    Monthly Earnings Challenge November 2021 money making / saving challenge - all welcome!! Cash prizes to win!

    Pop me down for £200, I have a very hard month with my full time job coming up.
  5. unicornrider

    Social Media What Have You Posted Lately - YOUTUBE!

    Wow your videos are all so polished. So I have spent a bit of money on some kit and am back YouTubing. I am trying to do an update video one week, then a tutorial one the next. This is currently working slowly to up my subscribers. The new link tool on Instagram means that I am actually getting...
  6. unicornrider

    Monthly Earnings Challenge Don't Say Boo To Making Money, Come Join The October 2021 Money Making Challenge

    I had an absolutely amazing month! £94 on Mbing £13.93 on Prolific £146.17 on Ebay £70 on grooming £6 on Populous £16.04 on Appen £6.45 on Amazon KDP £24.34 on Cashback Therefore £376.93/£300 and I did no work the last 2 weeks due to my job being so insane!
  7. unicornrider

    Question / Discussion Money making ideas - opinions

    Not sure, its something I do for fun really. I have been putting up the videos of my competition tests for ages. If it made me money it would be great. But for now I am seeing if it does bring anything. The video I did on my KPD books did realise a few sales so there is some hope there. So maybe...
  8. unicornrider

    Question / Discussion Money making ideas - opinions

    LOL - I missed the whole Prolific and TikTok and I am on there every day. However when I was off on the sick I was making £10 a day off Prolific but now I am working I am on at the 'wrong' times. Back to topic YouTube and Podcasting currently isn't earning me money, it's costing me lol. To be...
  9. unicornrider

    My Amazon KDP diary!

    Just wanted to come on and pop a note to say thanks for all your help and well done. I still dream of the numbers you are making but am hoping Q4 is going to be really good for me too.
  10. unicornrider

    Make money selling low content books on Amazon

    Also for my sins have started to put together a word search book in my niche area. I watched a few YouTube Tutorial on general ones and thought I'd give it a go. Coming up with 20 words per grid isn't hard is it o_O thats 1000 words for a 50 word search grid book. But actually have done 30 grids...
  11. unicornrider

    Make money selling low content books on Amazon

    So my sales are nowhere near as exciting as @amyjay but I have literally done just 10 designs and left them to it. I did a bit of promo and am now earning a monthly single or double figure sum out of it which is fine. I wanted to see if it worth investing more time in it. I am loving the new...
  12. unicornrider

    Monthly Earnings Challenge Don't Say Boo To Making Money, Come Join The October 2021 Money Making Challenge

    £300 for me please. I am going into hospital for surgery tomorrow and then have two weeks at home! So hoping to capitalise on making some more money while I am off. Aim for the month is £150 from Ebay, £100 from Matchbetting and £50 from other sources just to add a bit of extra to it.
  13. unicornrider

    Funding the Unicorn

    Hello! So will do an update next week. September was complete sh*te, I made a fair bit of money but then had to spend out a lot too! Tomorrow I am going in for shoulder surgery so I am going to be laid up at home for a while. I am hoping to use the time to get a load of money made. My Amazon...
  14. unicornrider

    Coronavirus Discussion So.... The Coronavirus / COVID-19

    I blame the press, I had noticed over the last few weeks that pumps often had locks on so there was some kind of rationing going on. But to tell the general public not to panic - well we all know how that ends......... It is mad here, people panic buying. I genuinely need to fill up. I might be...
  15. unicornrider

    Richie Rich's Diary

    This is amazing that you are still in figures so high. I take it you are no longer doing a day job and this much be a full time thing now?
  16. unicornrider

    Appen [OT] Appen Work Opportunities

    Anyone else not been paid for last month yet. My invoice was approved but it has not been paid so I have two now sitting at approved status. I hate Payoneer with a passion but I don't know who's to blame and neither are great for communicating. I am owed around $100.
  17. unicornrider

    Funding the Unicorn

    So wierdly things are working out. My grooming horse is sound so £80 per competition from her. Then Amazon KPD is beginning to take off. Steady flow of orders so must update. Which is awesome And finally The Podcast :cool: Launched on Thursday (there is a post on the blog section) and someone...
  18. unicornrider

    Blog / Blog Post Promotion What have you posted lately?

    I have been about but not shared for a while. So I have launched The Podcast :cool: I am a little bit proud of it. Here's the blog post to go along with it :)
  19. unicornrider

    Monthly Earnings Challenge July Moneymaking Challenge - Come on in! Win cash AND share how you make money x

    Not doing too bad, my grooming job is back on now the horse is fit so that is super easy big money.. So far this month I have raised MBing £18 Grooming £80 Amazon KDP £1.89 Appen £7.57 Therefore £107.46/£250:cool: Yay. I need a good month. Wierdly my Amazon KDP is beginning to take off which is...
  20. unicornrider

    Smartphone Apps Shepper

    None here but been told there will be loads of the Euros ones tomorrow, they added a load of the small shops today so guessing places like Tesco will be added tomorrow. I have a sight test in town so going to mop up a few while I am in.