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  1. Ar_

    Any Creative Businesses Out There?

    I recently relaunched my online art shop after a two-year break and am looking for advice on how to build/maintain momentum for making sales. Basically, I sell prints of my own artwork through my website, and while the initial relaunch period in January was positive, I feel like things could...
  2. Ar_

    Does anyone ever worry about getting addicted to this?

    So I'm obviously trying to earn more online and as a result I'm finding myself spending more and more time on matched betting, but in particular the slot/free spin offers, than I first envisaged I would. Now, I'm not saying I'm developing a problem with it or anything but it has got me thinking...
  3. Ar_

    The Dream Machine - Is This Achievable?

    Excuse my train of thought here but I'm looking for a bit of reassurance. I'm a writer and artist, and a lot of my work involves using design/illustration technology. I've been doing this for the last few years, on a computer that is almost a decade old and with programs that are, shall we say...