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  1. Annie Beau

    Other Earning Opportunity Fiverr - voice over recording

    Applied for a Teliuis project this morning requiring a voice sample. Got me thinking I wonder if I might try voiceover stuff on Fiverr - I know theres lots on there but we have quite a range of accents and voice types in my family. The voice sample I did this morning was on a site which was...
  2. Annie Beau

    registering a tradmark

    How do I go about registering a trademark? (apart going on and clicking 'register').. is it really so simple? Ive don't a search on the give site and its not registered or pending application and looks like its probably around 130 quid......anything I should know?
  3. Annie Beau

    Other Earning Opportunity U Test have a project CCTV clips of home deliveries

    .... I dont have a CCTV as I have three dogs who make a racket if someone is within a mile radius of the door. But, this may be of use to some of ya's! This cycle is for indoor and outdoor security or doorbell camera owners who will...
  4. Annie Beau

    Creative Fabrica - free and cheap designs for POD

    Never really bothered with this much before but over the weekend I signed up for a free account with Creative Fabrica to grab a few KDP interiors to get started with. Got an email about freebies.. its well worth checking if you want to do POD for Etsy or KDP , loads of free templates and...
  5. Annie Beau

    Reselling up cycled furniture

    Looking for some advice on couriers and courier pricing. A friend is really good at making old tatty furniture look absolutely amazing but she doesn't know how to sell it out of the local area. She's had a few sales with local collection but isn't really in the right area to price items high...
  6. Annie Beau

    Question / Discussion Amazon Influencers Program..

    This might be useful for someone...Amazon Influencers Program... you need a decent you tube , insta or facetwit following. Im kinda ruled out of this as I have, like 3 friend on social media. Anyhoo, I saw this on my Lionbridge ad rating today, have a nosey if you're a popular social media...
  7. Annie Beau

    Question / Discussion anydo - an online planner, diary and reminder

    Not a referral link - just thought someone might find this handy. I recently remembered an office software called Superoffice from years and years ago, it was the standard diary where I used to work. I was thinking of looking for something similar and today on my ad rating I noticed anydo which...
  8. Annie Beau

    Website Testing Testlio.. website testing

    Just noticed a short comment on another site about a user testing site called Testlio. Anyone worked for them?
  9. Annie Beau

    Smartphone Apps clickworker.. is anyone else getting an error page?

    clickworker has been down all day yesterday and still down today. Anyone else get this? Its just that last week I finally got to the cash out and emailed them to ask about withdrawing it before closing my account. They said the do pay runs on Wednesdays. Just wondering if they've closed my account.
  10. Annie Beau

    Question / Discussion teemworkai

    Anyone work with teemwork ai? Just applying but given my current frame of mind, this needs to be relatively easy ish...
  11. Annie Beau

    Mystery Shopping TERN have phone mystery shops £15

    Tern usually do Tesco Mobile mystery shops on site but they're doing phone calls ATM, which means you're not restricted to a location. Must have your own means of recording the conversation. £15.
  12. Annie Beau

    Question / Discussion Oneforma

    Just seen Oneforna mentioned on a forum where a few people have come to the end of their Lionbridge year. Not many seemed to have heard of them. Anyone on here?
  13. Annie Beau

    Question / Discussion Ive bought a DRONE!!

    had this idea for ages, surveys, in particular roof inspections but there's not a CHANCE I'm climbing a ladder. Lots of really tall buildings/commercial properties where I live. Once I get the hang of it and get my head round what licences ill need my idea is to contact surveyors...
  14. Annie Beau

    Help or Advice hotjar - website visitor tracker

    This has been mentioned on one of the POD groups I follow. I havent used it. I dont know much about it. But it seems there is a free version of this user behaviour tracker.
  15. Annie Beau

    Help or Advice Duplicate content on my site - will this cause am indexing issue

    Hello I am gradually getting a bit more content on my site about local properties (been doing this every now and then for morths but finally getting some time on it over the last few months). Ive submitted URLS to search console/request indexing. My concern is this; Ive integrated woocommerce so...
  16. Annie Beau

    Question / Discussion Last nights Amazon documentary - photo jobs

    Watching the second part of the documentary about Amazon last night when they got onto a bit about companies paying in Amazon vouchers. The presenter referred to a company who pay in vouchers for people to tale pictures of empty buildings so they can see if they can be buy them to redevelop...
  17. Annie Beau

    Mortgage.. Where do I start with this..

    I have 57k left on my mortgage. House valued probably about 140k. I want to sell it to my son for 57k. I've heard that this might be viewed as trying to evade inheritance tax and I might have to look into something called Gift of Equity. There's a few things I'll need to research but if anyone...
  18. Annie Beau

    Other Earning Opportunity Free fonts

    For anyone who is doing creative stuff online you might find Dafont useful. Lots of free funky fonts for your POD and Etsy stuff!
  19. Annie Beau

    Question / Discussion paypal - charging fees from December

    From December, if you have a paypal acccount which is not being used for regular transactions, there is £12 a month charge. This applies even if you have funds in the account. If you're not using it, Paypal will deduct the £12 from your funds or directly from your bank.
  20. Annie Beau

    Question / Discussion Could this be because of serpclix? IP address blacklisted

    I was working on my wordpress site today . Logged out then couldnt log in again. A short time later,. my son's tablet was logged out unexpectedly. I coudlnt get back onto WP so I contacted Hostpresto and got this reply Thank you for contacting support. Your IP had become blocked by the servers...