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  1. Poor Man's Pizza

    Other Referrals Hiro Insurance - Earn Up to £1000 ( £100 per Referral )

    Hey – there’s a new home insurer on the block and I think you’ll love them. They’re called Hiro and you can find out more about them here: What’s more, if you insure your home through them, we’ll both get a £100 Amazon voucher – just use my referral code khur6917 T&Cs are...
  2. Poor Man's Pizza

    Poor Man's Pizzas' Big Thrifty Checklist

    1. Setup daily, weekly, monthly budgets and make sure you don't go over. If you do, you will need to make sure you cover the loss in the coming days, weeks and months. 2. Don't go into a supermarket to do a shop on an empty stomach. 3. the green site Mantra. "oooh that looks nice...... BUT ...... A.) Do...
  3. Poor Man's Pizza

    Question / Discussion Which app to start for building a longterm Crypto portfolio?

    or is there no such thing as a long term thing in this space? Please don't bombard me with referral codes, first I need to understand the options available. I'd like to invest initially £100 and also utilize the free virtual "monopoly money" they give you to practise with risk free. Are there...
  4. Poor Man's Pizza

    Smartphone Apps Dscout

    It is a US based market research app that pays in US dollars and sometimes in £pounds. It has a mixed of focus group and micro tasks but the pay is very high if you make it past the screening. You need to fit the demographics but unlike traditional focus groups, they are smart app orientated and...
  5. Poor Man's Pizza

    Smartphone Apps Premise app

    Mostly surveys and some mystery shopping tasks. Cash out threshold currently at 12.06£ PayPal. Had some very quick surveys which were just a couple of clicks and a screenshot and link from social media. These tasks cropped up everyday and a wait time of 24hrd before you could submit the next...
  6. Poor Man's Pizza

    Smartphone Apps SmartSpotter

    Very basic looking app design and sure it will get better. Seems to be very similar to how StreetSpotr looked 6 years ago but actually had tons of jobs in my area and surrounds post codes.
  7. Poor Man's Pizza

    Other Referrals Preply referral $30

    It's a nice little site I use to learn a Arabic for well over a year now. They teach you over zoom 1 on 1. You choose the tutor to suit your needs and you check their profile and I think you can see a short video introduction to each tutir. All the money transactions are made by preply, and you...
  8. Poor Man's Pizza

    Question / Discussion How do I get the latest threads on top?

    I am having some diffculty navigating the forums. Let's take for example the referrals board. There are some really old threads (2013-6) intermixed with new threads. Is there any mechanism to reorganise the threads so it is more intuitive? Saying all that it's a bloody brilliant site with many...