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  1. matowers

    Question / Discussion How can you make earning online less lonely

    I don't know if it's a fortunate coincidence, or part of the reason why this thread began, but this week happens to be Mental Health Awareness Week, and the theme for the week is loneliness. I can only encourage anyone feeling a bit lonely to visit the website for more general info...
  2. matowers

    Other Earning Opportunity zipzero

    Thanks @Jon - you're right that the answer was there, it just took some deciphering!
  3. matowers

    Other Earning Opportunity zipzero

    Have everybody's ZipZero balances gone down to zero ahead of the new app launch? Mine has, although my receipt upload history still shows, so am presuming I missed this in their small print.
  4. matowers

    Shares / Stocks Freetrade - Free share worth £3-80

    Hallo, In the interests of "share-ing" a freebie, I'd be grateful if a fellow Money - Shedder could use my link to sign up please:
  5. matowers

    Surveys Vetri app - £4 for two very quick opening surveys + claims to pay very well (cash out at £10)

    I'll give it a whirl too! Have joined with Karonher's code, and here's mine: DRG49492 Thank you!
  6. matowers

    IPSE membership - is it worth it?

    I feel like there should be a lower cost membership for people who earn less from self employment. £200 - £300 a year is presumably alright if you’re some sort of freelance consultant who can charge that amount for a day’s work. But if it takes you say a week or a month to earn that, then it is...
  7. matowers

    IPSE membership - is it worth it?

    Hi all, As a lot of the opportunities posted on this site are open to / aimed at the self employed, I thought I’d ask: Is anyone here a member of IPSE (Association of Independent Professionals and Self Employed)? And if so, would you recommend their membership to others? They seem to be a...
  8. matowers

    Utest utterance project

    Hallo @frankmul I’d be happy to go down as one of your referrals too.
  9. matowers

    Numerous - The new cashback app

    Thank you @Thesavvyqueen - I’ve used your referral code too. If anyone wants to use mine, it’s: BNLSJUI16F Looks like a really interesting app that should be fun to be part of, if they can make their long term plans for it happen.
  10. matowers

    Audio Recordings (pays $360-420) - Project active until 6th October 2019

    Hallo @savvysaver I’d be happy to be referred by you please.
  11. matowers

    Online / Offline Focus Groups Respondent - Like Prolific but a bit more involved and higher paying

    Thank you Jon for reporting this opportunity - I’ve just signed up using your referral link, and connected my Facebook and Linkedin. It’s certainly a professional and interesting looking site. If anyone would do me the honour of using my referral link, it’s here...
  12. matowers

    Curious App - Win £100 a day by answering one Yes/No question

    Thank you savvy cash, I've used your code to sign up - my referral code for anyone interested is 6AQ2C8. Best of luck to all in this thread, and all who sign up.
  13. matowers

    RedWigWam Mystery Shopping [OT]

    Hi - just pm'd you, as my experiences with Red Wigwam, albeit limited, have been highly positive. Mike
  14. matowers

    TMS 2016 Euros £100 Sweepstake - You STILL don't get this on The Green Site!

    Hmm, Czech Republic... Think I need a Leicester City scale surprise here :-)
  15. matowers

    TMS 2016 Euros £100 Sweepstake - You STILL don't get this on The Green Site!

    Re: TMS 2016 Euros £100 Sweepstake - You STILL don't get this on The Green Site! I WANT TO TAKE PART IN THE MONEY SHED EUROS SWEEPSTAKE
  16. matowers

    [OT] Pedlar - Earn money by sharing bargains.

    Congratulations Tom on setting up Pedlar - have just quickly registered an account (it really was quick to do so!) and thanks Chammy for highlighting the site. Will share any bargain truffles that I sniff out! Mike
  17. matowers


    I've never seen Iconzoomer mentioned on this site before - what are the benefits of the app, assuming its available on IOS as well as android?
  18. matowers

    Yoobic - (iOS and Android) Another task based money making app

    I've kept Yoobic on my phone, but it's inevitable that I'll be deleting it sooner rather than later (and not just because of the unremovable notification!) A fair point was made earlier in this thread about these apps shouldn't be expected to provide a constant stream of work. Nonetheless it...
  19. matowers

    Green Redeem - Earn Points for Rewards

    One thing to bear in mind with this site when it comes to using their kiosks for recycling is that there aren't many kiosks around (even in central London, where I live). Not only that, several of the recycling kiosk sites are not accessible to the public, because they are based in university...