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  1. RickyRaj

    *** Free Now TV Sky Sports Pass - which can be used later in the year ***

    Got this from an email from the green site - - available today only until 11.59pm. Does not need to be used today - can be saved for later.
  2. RickyRaj


    Anyone using Osper? I've just signed up with them for my two daughters. They charge £1 per card per month but allow parents/guardians to control where there children can use/spend their prepaid cards. They are currently offering friends/referrals £5 after they sign up and load their cards with...
  3. RickyRaj

    The MoneyShed mentioned in The Times If you don't have a subscription you won't be able to see the full article. It was specifically mentioned along with other sites.
  4. RickyRaj

    Going Freelance Sep 2016

    OK, after many years of being a permanent employee with a number of companies I have decided to take the plunge and go freelance (aka contracting) next year post the summer holidays. Not having ventured into this previously if Shedders have any advice on what to do (setting up a company...
  5. RickyRaj

    £5,000 cyber security boost to SMEs from the Government

    An article for those who run their own business