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  1. Queen

    icloud help

    I am shit with this. I have 50gb of storage on the cloud. All of a sudden my photos wont go onto icloud - I have over 50% battery and I am connected to wifi. I am also demented. Help?
  2. Queen


    Apologies all - I haven hurt my back and haven't been online as much as I would like, so the comp section has went a bit tits up. I will pull it back round.
  3. Queen

    Happy Birthday Chammy :)

    The title says it all :) She's 21 plus VAT today
  4. Queen

    Competition section now open - please read

    Yo fellow shedderzzz, Me and stellajose have offered to run a competition section on here for Jon@TheMoneyShed. We are not experts, so if you have anything to add/help, please feel free to give us a shout. Also, any competitions you want to share, feel free. Cheers all x
  5. Queen

    Not a technical problem, but a problem nonetheless lol (about committees)

    Hey all Hoping someone can help me. I am a member of a committee for a sports club. The secretary is shit, never turns up, and causes problems. At the annual meeting, we all voted for another lass to take over. Now the original secretary has found out, and is pissed off. She has a cheek as her...
  6. Queen

    HELP MEEEEEEE (with a tech issue)

    Lovely people I need some help. I need the date and time that appears in orange (you know in the bottom right hand corner) removed from some photographs without it costing me. Can anyone point me in the right direction please x