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  1. Justdesserts

    Question / Discussion How can you make earning online less lonely

    Well I got a weeks notice this time so better than previously :LOL: A job outside of the house isn't an option for me in any event nowdays as I care full time for my son (he has additional needs and is home educated). I feel very fortunate online earning is a thing. :)
  2. Justdesserts

    Question / Discussion How can you make earning online less lonely

    Possibly why it works for me then lol, when I had regular jobs the constant drama from being in a team drove me round the bend! Seriously I'm all empathy-and-patienced out from looking after my immediate family and chatting (very!) occasionally to the couple of friends I do have, zero headspace...
  3. Justdesserts

    Other Earning Opportunity Make Money With Print On Demand

    I've just applied for Amazon merch before reading this thread, so possibly done that the wrong way round lol
  4. Justdesserts

    Monthly Earnings Challenge April isn't all doom and gloom, here is the April 2022 Money Making Challenge to life your spirits!

    Totals for April: Prolific acad: £30.86 Appen: £459.64 Intellizoom: £14.87 Onepulse: £15.44 £520.81/£450 :) Although my main Appen job has ended now so all downhill from here (n)
  5. Justdesserts

    Turning things around

    Yes, I have lots of vague ideas and don't really know what to focus on. Since my appen job ended just under a week ago I've used the time to clear some stuff out and get it listed on ebay/vinted, which might bring in a few pounds in the short term but obviously isn't working towards anything...
  6. Justdesserts

    Turning things around

    Thought I'd update as it's been a while. Things aren't going well are they! Today the impact of the tax increases on my husbands pay has hit and it's a lot more than we were expecting unfortunately. Annnd last week my big project with Appen ended so that's us seriously down. Just as the price of...
  7. Justdesserts

    Monthly Earnings Challenge March money-making madness - everyone welcome to join in!

    March totals: Prolific acad: £24.88 Appen: £334.26 Onepulse: £14.82 Selling £26.43 £400.39/£400 - over by 39p, woot! :LOL:
  8. Justdesserts

    Other Referrals Slice the pie

    Hi, couldn't see a thread for this so sorry if there is one. This is my referral if anyone is thinking of signing up to Slice the pie and would be kind enough to use it. Thanks! You can review new music and fashion on Slicethepie and get paid for it too! Check it out...
  9. Justdesserts

    Monthly Earnings Challenge 28 Days To Make All The Cash! It's The February Money Making Challenge 2022

    Month total for Feb Prolific acad: £19.95 Appen: £376.42 Intellizoom: £3.56 Sales (vinted/ebay etc): £1.16 £401.09/£500
  10. Justdesserts

    Banking Everup Referral Offers

    Adding my referral code with no expectation of it being used lol RPIX461210ODCZBV
  11. Justdesserts

    Monthly Earnings Challenge January 2022 money making / saving challenge - all welcome!! Cash prizes to win!

    Jan totals: Prolific acad: £21.34 Appen: £391.63 Onepulse: £14.35 Testable Minds £2.21 Clickworker: £9.65 TMS win: £10 £449.18/£500 - would probably have made it if anything I've got on ebay/vinted had sold but nothing did!
  12. Justdesserts

    Other Earning Opportunity Crypto?

    I have some crypto. Not a lot and I'm only at the level of investing £20 here and £10 there lol but it interests me. I don't anticipate any sizeable gains in the short term (though I'm certainly not judging anyone for wanting to get rich quick!) and I don't have enough to put in to make much...