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  1. Butterflygurl88

    Question / Discussion Learning new skills

    Looking for some advice on upping my skills to advance my online work, without a degree what would you recommend a great skill is to have say in fiver, people per hour and virtual Assistant type jobs? meant to take a course online or just watch YouTube to figure more out. Any help with be great!
  2. Butterflygurl88

    Reselling wholesale

    Any help would be grateful. I have dipped in and out of reselling and think I have finally found something I really enjoy, I would mainly sell on eBay but I have found it usefully to make a FB page also. I really enjoy scented sizzlers and scented smells. I have come across a great company it’s...
  3. Butterflygurl88

    Question / Discussion Home working set up with kids

    So anyone who has young children how do you manage to focus on work? I try my best and even more so these past few weeks to get stuck in but with having a 4 year old and a 1 year old I find it’s so hard to do. Unless I do it when they are asleep which then has a knock on effect. Would love to...
  4. Butterflygurl88

    Transcribe Work Crowdsurf help

    So a while ago I signed up for crowdsurf for the transcript work, passed both test had all my details confirmed on workmarket and then heard nothing. It annoys me that I can’t access it any help? What have I done wrong? Thanks
  5. Butterflygurl88

    Other Earning Opportunity Any One sell photos? ive come across Photojobz

    Photojobz, read a few reviews that seem all positive but it only takes me so far? does anyone take photos on the other sites like shutterstock, or have used Photojobz? it is asking me for an 85p membership fee for 5 days then jumps to £25+ a month. what does anyone think?
  6. Butterflygurl88

    Surveys Anyone use ENROLL?

    I came across this site a few month back but forgot about it, I sign up then forget till an email comes through for a task. Tasks are easy to complete but have no idea how you are paid? Has anyone joined and been paid or know how to works? I get a few emails a day now so do not want to miss out...
  7. Butterflygurl88

    Instant money sites??

    Looking for quick ways to earn money today? I thought as it’s a week before Christmas anyone got good sites where they can earn instantly? I have: Prolific ac - few days
  8. Butterflygurl88

    Look after the pennies

    After a lot of time figuring out where I want to be in my money making journey, I have decided that the best way to keep track of earnings and learn to blog (at the same time) will be great to look back in and also see how each month has hopefully made me a little richer. Also I love reading...
  9. Butterflygurl88

    Paid to test websites

    Hi all I’m currently working my way through a list of what I’ve found of test websites but I’m wondering if anyone has actually used some of these before or currently are? But also hope it helps out others with more sites to try Userlytics TryMyUI - (use this at the moment and have been paid!)...
  10. Butterflygurl88

    What are you work hours like?

    I’m really bad are organising my work and days, I plan on doing this and that then end up being all over the place and by the end of the day trying to catch up and feel like I’m left with nothing practical. Any tips would be great!
  11. Butterflygurl88

    Crowdsurf Help just signed up confused

    Looking for some help on the crowdsurf , I’ve just signed up and yet I’m a little confused on how it all works? Heard you can do Transcriptionist work but all I’m finding is different jobs? What am I doing wrong? Anyone do this a lot as income how is it as a daily task? Thank you all
  12. Butterflygurl88

    Beginners Transcriptionists help

    Hi all everyone starts somewhere, where did you all start when it comes to typist work, or just Transcriptionists work? Trying to up my WPM
  13. Butterflygurl88

    Payoneer query

    So I’m working with Appen and I received a payment £5 usd in my Payoneer account gone in the account and showing a fee of 3 USD deducted and still showing 2usd left. Tried looking into it but not getting anywhere, is this right 75% fee? I’m in a larger project and don’t want a big chunk taken...
  14. Butterflygurl88

    Slow day....

    Thought today would be the day everything kicks back off, flood loads of emails, studies and lots of great new year incentives to join but feel like I’ve been left out. How’s everyone earning day going?
  15. Butterflygurl88

    Having a mini break down

    How do you change to the red nets on bet fair they are currently blue?
  16. Butterflygurl88

    Online survey sites what your top 3?

    I’ve signed up to loads to see what’s the best for me but seem to be spending a lot of wasted time figuring it what’s best to carry on with be nice to hear what’s everyone best sites?
  17. Butterflygurl88

    Weekly earning

    How much would you say you can ‘cash out’ weekly and what’s yor biggests earner apps? At the moment mines: Quick thought £6 Crowdology £9
  18. Butterflygurl88


    How long each day would you particular spend doing surveys and tasks to earn a good amount of money a month?