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    Surveys Pinecone Research

    Hi. Does any one do Pinecone Research surveys? I have not had one in a while but I have a bit of credit with them. I tried going to their site but it doesn't seem to be working. Does any one know if they have had problems with them recently or maybe it is just a glitch with their site just now...
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    Matched Betting Question Any issues with mortgages?

    Hello. I have been away for a while but want to try out matched betting. Read Jon's guide and signed up to Profit Accumulator and have put through my first bet. I was surprised that I couldn't use Paypal for the qualifying bet and I was hoping to use Paypal as my main account for depositing etc...
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    Credit score and financial implications

    Hi, Considering matched betting but will likely take a while to read everything properly and get new current account, email etc.. My main concern is any lasting financial implications that participating in matched betting might have for me, such as not being able to get a mortgage or remortgage...
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    Other Earning Opportunity My Lucky Patch

    Curious to know if anyone is signed up to My Lucky Patch and checks in each day to see if they have won? If so, how large a patch do you have? Wonder if it's worth my while building up my patch or if I should give this one a miss. Thanks!
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    Paid for apps (or in-app purchases) that help to make you money

    Hello, I have some Google Play credit which is due to expire in a few months (~£15 worth). I was looking to see if it would be useful to use this towards an/some apps. Does anyone use any apps which they had to pay for that really help them to make money? Or I'm thinking it could be an app that...
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    Affiliate Marketing Programs

    Hi! What is your best affiliate marking program and why? I am looking to do some affiliate marketing with Pinterest on general retail (clothes, home items). I am signed up to Amazon Affiliates but would like to sign up to another affiliate program. I've been reading reviews on various others...
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    Affiliate marketing - pay per click

    I've recently started Pinterest affiliate marketing as I really enjoy using Pinterest anyway. Intention is to pin as I usually do but make the odd pin an affiliate link. I will be sure to let users know that the pin is an affiliate link and will stay in line with Pinterest's affiliate policy. I...
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    How long til you were gubbed?

    Hello, thinking about trying matched betting and just reading up on it just now. I can see that if you overuse certain sites, you will be banned (or gubbed). If you have been gubbed: 1) How long did it take until you were banned from the site? 2) Were you ever able to rejoin the site? 3) Are...
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    Task360 and BeMyEye

    Hi everyone. I've noticed quite a few recommendations for Task360/T360 on the forums and (I think) this is for iOS only. I use Android so this was a bit disappointing to me, however, does anyone know if T360 is merging with BeMyEye? If so, does this mean that all the "good" jobs will be...
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    Declaring earnings

    Hi everyone, I'm a newbie to earning money online, having only done the odd survey. I was just wondering if you knew which of the online earning avenues you have to declare or include as earnings. For example, I am aware that matched betting is tax free - so do I ever have to declare this...