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    Online / Offline Focus Groups Market Research 4U

    I'm sure most of you may know about this so might not be anything new, but as I get emails through every day telling me about different research opportunities I always check them and reply to the odd one or two now and then. Yesterday after a couple of emails and two phone calls I have been...
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    Surveys MultiQ - text survey??

    Has anyone heard of MultiQ? I had a text message from them saying to answer all 4 questions to get paid. You have to text back with answers? Not sure if a scam or a chargeable text service
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    Matched Betting Discussion BETFAIR HACKED

    Has anyone had issues with their Betfair account? I have had two emails today saying there has been suspicious activity and I have tried to login and it says my account has been closed. I have been on chat with Betfair and it seems some bets have been placed on ice hockey today that I haven't...
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    My first year anniversary

    Well I have had my first year Anniversary badge Just a quick thank you to everyone involved in this site to Jon for running and others that are involved... I know I will forget to mention certain people do wont :) I have just done a quick total up and I have achieved over £18,000 extra this...
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    Making Money from Pokemon Go

    It is not directly doing this, but so far since Pokemon Go has been launched I take my sons out hunting every night. We have a big asda across the road from us, that is great to find Pokemon, with a Gym and Pokestops, so my sons are happy to wonder around the carpark. Since we started I have...
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    Stock Market Investments

    I have seen a lot of pop ups, adverts etc for stock market investing... Does anyone have any info on any that are any good, teach you the right things etc I am looking at starting a portfolio and like match betting there are probably right ways to do it and wrong ways any help would be...
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    Inbox Pounds Free Money

    As I am new to this, you may have all done this already.. Been going through the offers on Inbox Pounds and found a lot of the bingo sites were get £10 for signing up and wagering £10.. so effectively getting your money back with the potential to win. So far I have played at Dotty Bingo Glossy...
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    COFITO - the journey has begun

    Thought I would log what I have been up to so if I am doing something wrong you may all jump in and let me know... Match Betting - I have done the two intro ones and now signed up for a years subscription What I do need to do is start keeping track of it all properly as I have just checked my...
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    Market Research at Pet shops

    Hi all still trying to find my way through all different websites.... I remember seeing a mystery shopping task list for various pet shops yesterday .. I now cannot find it Anyone remember seeing anything like this at all?
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    Night time

    Just wondering if there are any sites or things that can be done over night as I am a bit of a night owl and tend to be awake 2am ish onwards... I guess survey sites etc can be done at any time, just wondered if there were any other things where being awake at night maybe a benefit?
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    Saying hi

    New to site and new to all this money making stuff (well all the stuff I have been reading about anyway :) ) Started looking at things like receipt hog etc - an extra bit of cash at the end of year to buy an extra present for my sons sounds good.... not to much effort. Looked at Field agent...